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  1. According to Local 802, Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim [Juan Amalbert] passed recently.
  2. Are you thinking of the Stanley Crouch 'debate'?
  3. Eddie de Haas passed away last week - https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/name/edgar-de-haas-obituary?id=35345606 Love his 90s appearances on SteepleChase!
  4. Was reported by his niece and nephew that Badal Roy passed earlier this past Wednesday.
  5. Dave Bailey - 95 Arthur Edgehill - 95 Gene DiNovi - 93 Emil Mangelsdorff - 96 Gabe Baltazar - 92 Eddie De Haas - 91 Helen Merrill - 91 Dizzy Reece - 90 George Freeman - 94 Dick Garcia - 90 Johnny Pate - 98 Tox Drohar??
  6. Yes, and father of R. Stevie
  7. As a leader, am only really familiar with his version of 'Elevation' - will try to dig in to those! Definitely more than just 'the guy who dig the music for Network', for sure.
  8. The pianist and composer Elliot Lawrence died earlier this month. He appeared on a couple Zoot Sims/Al Cohn records in the 50s before pivoting to what I assume must have been more lucrative work. Have always enjoyed the record, 'Happy Over Hoagy'
  9. Word from the Chicago Sun Times is Bob Koester has passed away. An absolute giant. Perusing the Jazz Record Mart during my teenage and uni years were such formative experiences. Can't imagine life without the music I stumbled across - purely through his efforts.
  10. Word from his half-sister is Buddy Deppenschmidt has passed away. Appeared a number of Charlie Byrd records, including "Desafinado".
  11. René Urtreger's still around as well, I think
  12. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/greenbaypressgazette/obituary.aspx?n=nadi-qamar-spaulding-givens&pid=197006566&fhid=14357 very interesting and under-appreciated musician and man
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