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  1. Very much looking forward to this release. Mary seems to be endlessly creative and both her small and larger groups produce compelling and thought provoking music. LWayne
  2. Wow. Simply wow. Your discards probably outnumber my keeps! LWayne
  3. His album “3 Times Round” from a couple of years ago capably demonstrates his compositions as well. Kirk Knuffke is great, but how about Adam O’Farrill as well? LWayne
  4. RIP Tristan. God Bless. LWayne
  5. How about Oliver Lake? Paintings, Sculptures, decorated canes. Oh yeah, and some music too... LWayne
  6. LWayne

    RIP Ahmad Jamal

    London Jazz News, among others, announced the legend passed today, April 16th, at his home. Truly stunned. RIP Legend. LWayne
  7. LWayne

    RSD Releases

    Yes. Fat fingered LWayne
  8. LWayne

    RSD Releases

    Also a Walter Davis session to be released on RSD. “Bish at the Bank: Live in Baltimore”. Reel to Real label. LWayne
  9. My wife and I were at Birdland years back listening to the Paul Bley Trio with Gary Peacock and Paul Motian. We were sitting at a table to the side of the piano with Frank Kimbrough who was a friend of ours and Bley as well. Paul cut an imposing figure on stage, I did not appreciate how tall he was until seeing him live, and he also sat on top of a thick yellow pages book to boost his stature as well. Right as the first song begins, Bley is clearly in discomfort. He repeatedly clears his throat. This persists until the next song when it is obvious that he is feeling parched and reaches down to my petite wife sitting closest to him and asks for water. My wife is intimidated by his presence and horrified that she had already taken a sip of water. She looks at Frank and asks "What do I do?". Frank, who is always the coolest cat in the room, simply responds in his typical matter-of-fact manner, "Hey, if he wants your water, give him you water". I will always remember the terrified look on my wife's face as she hands him her glass. Both because of his imposing presence and her reluctance to give him a glass that she had already had been drinking from. Funny moment for me. LWayne
  10. Jurgen Bliedtner, Professor Emeritus at University of Frankfurt in Mathematics, and a member of the BNBB (Blue Note Bulletin Board) died on Tuesday, November 1st in Frankfurt, Germany. A lifelong follower of Jazz, he was the noteworthy author of several books on mathematics and theory (way beyond my understanding) and a good friend of mine as well. You will be dearly missed. LWayne
  11. Just saw a posting on social media. Did not know whether it was confirmed. Horrible week. LWayne
  12. Do tell. Who reissued this masterpiece? LWayne
  13. Great talent. Died way too young. May she rest in peace. LWayne
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