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  1. Jurgen Bliedtner, Professor Emeritus at University of Frankfurt in Mathematics, and a member of the BNBB (Blue Note Bulletin Board) died on Tuesday, November 1st in Frankfurt, Germany. A lifelong follower of Jazz, he was the noteworthy author of several books on mathematics and theory (way beyond my understanding) and a good friend of mine as well. You will be dearly missed. LWayne
  2. Just saw a posting on social media. Did not know whether it was confirmed. Horrible week. LWayne
  3. Do tell. Who reissued this masterpiece? LWayne
  4. Great talent. Died way too young. May she rest in peace. LWayne
  5. Horrible news. I often go back to his leader albums with Blue Note for a listen. Never felt that he got the recognition or acclaim that he deserved. God Bless Grachan! LWayne
  6. I have always enjoyed this Elvis Costello tribute: LWayne
  7. Would recommend visiting the store Paris Jazz Corner @ 5 Rue De Navarre. Great selection of vintage vinyl. But pricey. As far as clubs, we have enjoyed the Sunset/ Sunside @ 60, Rue Des Lombards. Caught Chris Potter's Underground there six years ago. Enjoy! LWayne
  8. Aaron Parks-Solo Piano-last Friday, November 5th at The Bop Stop in Ohio City (Cleveland). Very nice. LWayne
  9. So what does the pre-order really do? I would guess to reserve a set in case it sells-out early. But do you need to pay at time of pre-order or once it is shipped? Agreed that this is the first Mosaic set that has me excited in a long time. Likely first purchase since the Savory set. Hoping that timing would work that it could be a Christmas or Birthday gift (both late December). LWayne
  10. Thought the same thing as I watched last night as well. Great musicians, playing well, but the concert was undermined by technical issues- poor audio and video. Not sure why cameras were placed so far back as to have the servers constantly walk through the field of vision. What a shame. By comparison, watched the Tim Berne and Matt Mitchell show at Soapbox right before and the feed was excellent. Could even pick up on between song banter by the musicians. LWayne
  11. Already ordered. Seeing him play solo a couple of years back in Switzerland was a highlight! LWayne
  12. Spinning Herbie Hancock "The Prisoner". Tone Poet version. LWayne
  13. Would consult with your financial advisor before considering any “lump sum distribution” from work. Particularly if it is a pension. LWayne
  14. John Sorry to hear this. I have not been laid off, but have changed jobs frequently over last 10 years after having had my "dream job". I am 62 and realize that I would be a target during any corporate downsizing. Personally, I feel as ambitious as ever, and would want to "retire" only by my own choice. Retire in quotes is deliberate, because I have been a consultant a couple of times over the last 10 years and enjoyed it very much. The money was equivalent/ better to what I was making as a corporate employee and I did not have the sense of connection with the company which I found to be very liberating and allow me to focus on end product without any concern for politics. Start to network, call vendors, suppliers, customers that you supported and think highly of you. You will be surprised at their understanding. Let me know if you want to talk. I am here. Best Regards, LWayne
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