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  1. what are you drinking right now?

    En Route Pinot Noir 2018
  2. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    This pandemic is going to be the cause of a ton of Ph.D's. The amount of studies to come out from all of this will be a never ending stream of dissertations, studies, workshops and legislation for decades to come.
  3. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    The less said about the failure in leadership here, the better. No one, certainly not Gov. Newsom, seems to have a clue, other than a shut down, on what to do.
  4. While doing a search I stumbled onto this.

    I've always wondered what happened to Mnytime, sad if true, I enjoyed his post quite a bit. Looking at the BNBB is a journey into the past, brings up a lot of memories of people, times and places.
  5. How old are YOU?

    I'm a big fan of Old Time Radio shows, and for the longest time, I thought Petrillo was a made up name by Phil Harris (The Jack Benny Show and his own show). Then one day I decided to look the name up, and low-and-behold, it turns out to be a real person and a real head of the musician union.
  6. How old are YOU?

    62 here. Was in my 30's when I joined the BNBB. Strange when I think how present these two boards have been through a good chunk of my life -- kind of a touchstone.
  7. Jeff Clayton, RIP

    Damn! Wow this is depressing. RIP to a great musician. 2020 still keeps going in its suckitude.
  8. 2020-21 MLB Hot Stove Discussion

    I don't want to make light of the sentiments behind this move, but I think that a lot of players from the Negro Leagues would have appreciated some money to help them live in a better manner, than an after-the-fact stat gift that costs MLB nothing.
  9. This is an outstanding album, great choice. My favorite track, though I love all of them.
  10. Now reading...

    Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh. Third time for me to read this book, and I'm enjoying much more than the other two time. I think I got caught up in looking for the "Catholic Symbolism" that is supposed to be running wild throughout the novel. Eh, I've never noticed all that much in my previous readings, so I'm just enjoying the luxurious writing of a great story.
  11. I'll probably get it also. Not a fan of vocals, but given the right circumstances, my mind can be changed. I'm also a big William Parker fan and I think Painter's Spring is a stone-cold classic album, might be the best album in the past twenty-five years; Parker, Daniel Carter and Hamid Drake were a great team.
  12. Bob Dylan: Trouble No More - The Bootleg Series. Vol. 13 / 1979 - 1981. Some great music here.
  13. Betty Davis: They Say I'm Different
  14. Now reading...

    An interesting article on the "hot" investment app Robinhood
  15. 2020-21 MLB Hot Stove Discussion

    Dick Allen has passed away. Remember his swing so well RIP
  16. Now reading...

    Collected Poems of W. H. Auden. Very good, a first time reading of Auden for me. Auden has been referenced in so many articles I've read recently that I had to see what the fuss was about.
  17. What Are You Watching

    MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. Don't know why, but I find this show dumb and hilarious.
  18. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Sending goods thoughts out about your father. May all be well.
  19. Learn something new about this crazy world every day.... Money, the real aphrodisiac.....
  20. The Mother of Musical Movies. It seems just as fresh now as in 1933. I won't bother you with my love of the cast either, but I love, love, love, love, everyone who appeared in and everything about 42nd. Street.
  21. 2020-21 MLB Hot Stove Discussion

    To my mind, if it's part of ownership that Theo wants, rule out the big teams like Philly, L.A. or N.Y. as destinations. I could see Cleveland or a Tampa Bay being willing to sell to a group Theo leads. Cleveland might be the better option with a well established fan base, and he won't have to either get a new stadium, or a new city, (one or the other for Tampa Bay) both of which might hinder the baseball side of things. The normal course for team thinking of selling is to gut the team and then have the new group rebuild. All in all, it seems as if Cleveland is the place that would be number one on my list, a lot of upside to that situation. It's amazing to think, the guy is only 46, so ownership is probably his preferred mode in terms of the future, where he's overseeing everything. Don't know if Cleveland is for sale or not, Tampa Bay is always for sale, but money still runs the show.
  22. what are you drinking right now?

    Last night I had Pliny The Elder Beer made by the Russian River Brewing Company. It was a great beer, highly recommended if you like IPA's
  23. Explosions in the Sky: The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place