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    The thing that really pissed me off was that this was not even a pre-order, it was listed on their website as having copies available. How people can run a company like that, I don't know. Business ethics in some American companies are sorely lacking.
  2. Jimmy Smith Questions

    Thanks Shrdlu. That clears things up nicely.

    I did. It was for Traditionalism Revisited. Same story: Charged my credit card; then viola! So sorry, we're out of it. NEVER got my money back. decided not to fight since it was only about $10.00. Needles to say, never went back.
  4. Larry Young "Mother Ship"

    Notice: This is a rant against Blue Note Excuse the back to back post but I want to make one comment about Blue Note in general and Mike Cuscuna: How many times over the years has a session been held back from release because the "powers that be" tell us it sounds like crap. Then, after years of pleading, it comes out on cd and it sound great! I mean, what the heck is that all about. We have two prime examples in front of us. For the Hill cd, Cuscuna actually spoke of it in a slighting manner in the Hill Mosaic booklet, basicly saying it was unlistenable. "Mother Ship" is another one that was supposed to be junk, and it's great. Memo to Blue Note: If you don't want to rerelease something just let it go at that, don't be dumping on the artosts by giving hints it's worthless music. End of rant
  5. Larry Young "Mother Ship"

    Wow! I really, really, like this session. It's not so out that is doesn't make any sense, it does have a nice feel to it. Herbert Morgan is a surprise, I've never heard him before and he's very good. Lee Morgan, of course is outstanding, I especially like what he does on "Visions", good ideas just flowing. Youg is playing so creatively on this cd; he supporting each player in an unique manner, and soloing on fire. Highly recommended. B)
  6. Jimmy Smith Questions

    It's those qualities that makes me so excited about these first two years of Smith at Blue Note. Just to listen to the cds of Incredible Jimmy Smith at Club Baby Grand is an amazing experience. It's funny how the crowd reacts after Sweet Georgia Brown -- they are going wild, not believing what they just heard. And to top off the reaction, someone in the crowds yells above the din; "Meanwhile, back in the jungle!" One of those recorded moments that is worth it's weight in gold. The excitement; the creativity; the fun that everyone is having, makes you have fun listening to the cds. I also love the Monk influence at this period of time on Smith. Sometime it's like Monk is playing the organ. This is something that I cannot find any writing on but, to me, Monk is all over the 1957 recordings.
  7. Jimmy Smith Questions

    Shane: PM'd you.
  8. Jimmy Smith Questions

    Thanks Mike, that helps. These are the songs listed on Special Guests on AMG: 1. 'S Wonderful (Gershwin/Gershwin) 2. The Blue Room (Hart/Rodgers) 3. Day In - Day Out (Bloom/Mercer) 4. Smith Walk 5. Lonesome Road (Austin/Shilkret) What I really need to do is break down, and bite the bullet, and just buy the "Blue Note Discography", but it's so expensive . Why don't they put it out on CD Rom, now that I would buy in a second!
  9. Jimmy Smith Questions

    What I'm not understanding about Special Guests is how Grant Green is listed as one of the players for a 1957 release? I always thought that the only time Smith & Grant recorded together is on I'm Movin' On, which is a January 31, 1963 release. Is the listing wrong? or is there another, earlier meeting between the two. Or is it that most of the cuts on Special Guests come from 1957, except the Green, which is a leftover from 1963? Minor thing, I know but the kind of thing that tugs at the mind.
  10. Jimmy Smith Questions

    Thanks for the help guys, I'm going have to track down these, for sure. Past couple of weeks I'm just going crazy over the 1956 - 1957 years, I mean, this is the absolute beginning of a genre of jazz that is still going strong. It's ungodly what Smith did in these two years -- check out these releases, IN TWO YEARS TIME!!!!!!!!!! 1956 A New Sound, A New Star: Jimmy Smith at the... Blue Note 1956 The Champ Blue Note 1956 A New Sound, A New Star: Jimmy Smith at the... Blue Note 1956 The Incredible Jimmy Smith at the Organ,... Blue Note 1956 The Incredible Jimmy Smith at Club Baby... [live] Blue Note 1956 The Incredible Jimmy Smith at Club Baby... [live] Blue Note 1957 A Date with Jimmy Smith, Vol. 1 Blue Note 1957 The Sounds of Jimmy Smith Blue Note 1957 A Date with Jimmy Smith, Vol. 2 Blue Note 1957 Jimmy Smith at the Organ, Vol. 1 Blue Note 1957 Jimmy Smith at the Organ, Vol. 2 Blue Note 1957 Plays Pretty Just for You Blue Note 1957 The Incredible Jimmy Smith Blue Note 1957 Jimmy Smith Trio + LD Blue Note 1957 Confirmation Blue Note 1957 Special Guests Blue Note 1957 House Party Blue Note 1957 Groovin' at Small's Paradise, Vol. 1 [live] Blue Note 1957 Groovin' at Small's Paradise, Vol. 2 [live] Blue Note 1957 Groovin' at Small's Paradise, Vols. 1-2 [LP] [live] Blue Note 1957 Groovin' at Small's Paradise, Vols. 1-2 [CD] [live] Blue Note 1957 Lonesome Road Guys, I'm serious, has any other jazz musician put out so many quality sessions in TWO YEARS!!?? It is so AMAZING!! If Smith wasn't "just an organ player", people would be going nuts over this. For some reason, there are people who think it is the easiest thing in the world to put together organ jazz dates. Well, its not. There is so much creativity going on in 56 -57, it's hard to take in. Sorry for going on like this but it truly is the INCREDIBLE JIMMY SMITH!!
  11. October Listening

    Jimmy Smith: The Complete February 1957 Sessions Jimmy Smith: A New Sound, A New Star Jimmy Smith: Incredible Jimmy Smith at Club Baby Grand vol. 1 & 2 I have come to really dig Smith's sound in 1956 - 57. You can see someone exploring a new way of playing. One of these days I'm going to do a big, honking long post on the 56 - 57 recordings. You are warned.
  12. Jazz organ history

    B3-er: Thanks for the insight into the workings of the B-3, very interesting.
  13. Now reading...

    GofM: How's the Ambler book? I was thinking of getting a couple the next time I go to the bookstore.
  14. Jazz organ history

    Yeah! What's does Smith do to get that special "Shut the hell up and let some other cat blow!" stop?
  15. Next Mosaic in Danger

    I'm just going by the set number. JJ's is #169, so that has be in running.
  16. Next Mosaic in Danger

    Nothing inside but I would imagine that the next in line would be The Complete Atlantic Recordings of Lennie Tristano, Lee Konitz & Warne Marsh (#174). Its been around for a long time, and it seems as if Mosaic wants to clean up the ones that are older.
  17. October Conns.

    Went to my local Tower, NOTHING. Went to Borders, NOTHING. This stinks.
  18. Album of the Week: October 25 - November 1

    Found this used for $5.00, and am playing it now, and it's my first time hearing Hal Russell. My reaction: What the ..... am I listening too?
  19. Paging All Lakers Fans

    Sorry, can't seem to find my brain at the moment....
  20. Paging All Lakers Fans

    I have my doubts about the Lakers this year. With the circus that is surrounding the team with Kobe; plus, Payton and Kobe on the court at the same time!! Then add to that mix Malone? Think of it, on the court together, Payton, Kobe, Malone, Horry, and Shaq -- Yikes, that will be a major problem. Shaq and Malone cannot create their own shots, so they have to have someone pass them the ball, and whose going to do that? I can see Payton being completely useless when on the floor with Kobe; they'll be trying to top each other. And where is the speed? I just don't think this team is going to jell at all this year.
  21. October Conns.

    What for goodness' sake is "a spiritualist jazz style"?? Well, at least Dusty Groove didn't call it "pretty darn good" like they did Grant Green's Easy.
  22. On a more personel note

  23. 60,000 Posts!!!

    60,000 Posts!!!, CRAZY LARGE! And 30,000 of those are pictures on the BABE thread. And a big THANK YOU for having such a great board.
  24. Now reading...

    I'm actually reading, and enjoying, Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow. The last time I attempted to read this, after about one hundred pages, I took the book, and threw in the closest trashcan. This time, I'm seeing the connections, and how the book mirrors this crazy, messed-up, modern world.
  25. The best guitarist with organ.

    Here's a list of all CD's with Melvin after 1990: Altenburgh ALT-70007 Mark Ladley Trio - Strictly Business Altenburgh JGA-70013 Mark Ladley Trio - Evidence Criss Cross 1070 CD Brian Lynch - At The Main Event Criss Cross 1059 CD Melvin Rhyne Trio - The Legend Criss Cross 1089 CD The Tenor Triangle - Tell It Like It Is Criss Cross 1080 CD Melvin Rhyne Quartet - Boss Organ Criss Cross 1143 CD The Tenor Triangle - Aztec Blues Criss Cross 1114 CD Eric Alexander Quartet - Eric Alexander In Europe Criss Cross 1118 CD Melvin Rhyne Trio - Mel's Spell Criss Cross 1137 CD Melvin Rhyne Quintet - Stick To The Kick Criss Cross 1164 CD Melvin Rhyne Trio - Kojo Criss Cross 1183 CD Melvin Rhyne Quartet - Classmasters enja CD 8020-2 Ronald Muldrow - Yesterdays Evidence ECD 22101 *Project G-5 - A Tribute To Wes Montogomery Justice JR # 10 01-2 Herb Ellis - Roll Call Paddle Wheel KICJ 146 *Project G-5 - A Tribute To Wes Montgomery Paddle Wheel KICJ 147 Melvin Rhyne - To Cannonball With Love Positive 78024-2 Royce Campbell - Make me rainbows Savant SCD 2016 Melvin Rhyne Trio - Remembering Wes Timeless 764737011 Jimmy Coe - Say What Verve 314 549419-2 Nicholas Payton - Dear Louis (3 tracks) Wooju WOOJU-1 Juli Wood - Moovin' And Groovin' *two issues of the same CD. Note to myself: Next visit to Amoeba's, print list and check out Melvin Rhyne. My head was so turned in one direction, I overlooked Rhyne completely. Listened to Boss Guitar today and Rhyne is definitely worth checking out.