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  1. As much as I would have loved to write more, I had a word limit and really had to confine myself to what's happening in the area today. I included the Nick B. stuff because I was able to integrate it into the story without too much digression. This really has been I highlight of my (still burgeoning) career as a writer!
  2. My article on jazz in the Capital District ran in the Albany Times Union today. It's the cover story in the Preview section!
  3. So, as I think I've mentioned before, I've been doing some freelance writing lately. Last week, the Albany, NY "Times Union", for whom I've written many feature articles in the last seven months or so, asked me to write a cover story on the current "state of the local jazz scene". They ALSO asked me to arrange a photoshoot. My suggestion was to recreate the "Great Day in Harlem" photo using local musicians (and, perhaps, others involved in the scene: DJs, club owners, journalists, fans, etc). My editor thought that it seemed ambitious, but encouraged me to go for it. We put out a call (via Faceboook and albanyjazz.com) late last week and currently have at least 50 people interested in attending (the Art Kane photo featured some 57 musicians), so I think that we're well on our way! Just wanted to put this out there. This is going to be a blast!
  4. Finally, Sammie has very cool friends who share her interests and personality. She's got a tight circle of female friends (when she had them over for her birthday, they got out her instruments and jammed together), but she also "speaks boy". She was telling us the other day about how she can knowledgeably discuss the finer points of Marvel vs DC comics with her male friends...
  5. My daughter is a dream come true, btw. Smart, independent, witty, driven (we've NEVER had to tell her to study or do her homework. If anything, we have make her take a break or go to bed), well-read (loves Tolkien; just finished "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" and is now reading "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"), has tons of interests (Star Trek, Firefly, Buffy, Arrested Development, Sherlock, The Office (both versions), The IT Crowd, Monty Python, The Mighty Boosh, Being Human (British), Doctor Who, and Supernatural are among her favorite shows) and has a diverse taste in music (she listens to Elvis or Billy Joel when she does math. She also loves musical theater, especially "Les Mis" and "Phantom". Not my thing, but that's okay). She plays violin, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and piano (self-taught on everything but violin). She acts and sings (her vocal coach says she could major in voice. She's developed an amazing operatic mezzo-soprano range). Can you tell that I'm proud?!
  6. Still looking for a teaching job and working as a TA in Special Ed. Still acting and improvising. Reconciled with my wife. Daughter just turned 14 and is starting high school in the Fall. In addition to writing about music for Metroland, I'm going to be reviewing theater (I'm doing my first review this weekend) and books. I'm VERY excited to be finally getting paid to write!
  7. Hey all! I've been away awhile. Some of you might remember me. Anyway, I've just landed a gig writing about music for "Metroland", my local alt paper, and I need something to write about. If you've got an album coming up or will be performing in Upstate NY/Western MA, let me know! Send me a PM here or email me at alexander1228@gmail.com. I look forward to reconnecting with the folks around here.
  8. I always thought that "Bernadette" really echoed Dylan's cadence: "They preTEND to be my FRIEND but all the TIME (Sweet Bernadette!) They long TO persuade YOU from my SIDE."
  9. No question...the monitor dropped the ball. She didn't do her job, and no amount of sympathy for the verbal abuse she suffered justifies a half million dollars. Sorry. If she can't handle 12-year-olds, she shouldn't have this job.
  10. I hate her, because she doesn't link to my blog (Where Dead Voices Gather!) on her homepage. I don't care if she's never read it.
  11. Hands are the Devil's tools. Do you not remember the Biblical admonition not to let your left hand know what your right hand is doing? How can children hold hands without using the left? Answer me that! Also, gay sex in a bathroom stall doesn't count if you are a Republican member of Congress....
  12. I've been working with Middle School kids for the last several years and I have to say that I prefer kids at that age. They're still kids and you (the teacher) are still noticeably bigger and more mature than they are. I've always had more trouble dealing with High Schoolers, especially the upperclassmen. I'm only 5'7" (the same as Tom Cruise, btw, who is often ridiculed for his height), so a lot of High School boys are taller than me. It kind of makes discipline a challenge... Of course, this is a disturbing story. I've been in this position on a few occasions myself, facing down a group of kids who refuse to show the slightest respect. Generally speaking, it's harder to establish credibility once the kids have seen you with your guard down, so I've learned not to show anxiety or distress in the face of such resistence. The best thing to do is be firm and consistent and FOLLOW THROUGH. If you make a threat, you'd better make good on it. You might not regain control in the moment, but if you make the kids face the consequences of their actions, you'll be less likely to lose control again in the future. As to what this case demonstrates most clearly, to me, is the need for parents to really step up to the plate. These kids didn't get this way by accident. Some of them are sociopaths, I'm sure, but most of them are just kids who were swept along once things got rolling. And they allowed themselves to be swept up because their parents haven't made it clear to them that THEY (the kids) become of the public face of their family once they get on the bus and go to school. If they want their family to look like human beings, they need to act accordingly.
  13. On the topic of Kurtzman creations, I picked up five issues of "Help", a mid-60s humor mag that Kurtzman did, at a recent comic book convention. Some pretty funny stuff, even though most of it was topical humor. One issue has some early Robert Crumb work and Woody Allen shows up in one of the fumettis.
  14. Listening to "Crazy Clown Time" by David Lynch. It sounds as crazy as his movies look!

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