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  1. ***Greatful Dead Recommendations***

    Okay guys, you made me do it -- I ordered DP#4 from this evening. My wallet hates you all.
  2. ***Greatful Dead Recommendations***

    Thanks for the great recommendations, and the great rundown of the various era's. I bit the bullet last night and bought The Golden Road, and I'm enjoying the early stuff more than I expected, especially the early live stuff on disk 2. The music is becoming very enjoyable and interesting to listen to. I think I'm hooked.
  3. May Listening

    The Doors: The Complete Studio Recordings I must admit, I'm on a huge Door listening streak right now. They still sound more creative than 99% of rock right now.
  4. ***Home Plate***

    Bonds lines out to second -- game and series over. The more things change.....
  5. ***Home Plate***

    WHIP comes out of Fantansy Baseball, and it is a stat that tells you the quality of a pitcher. The math is this: WHIP Ratio (WHIP) = (Walks + Hits) / Innings Pitched. How does this work? Say a pitcher went 7 innings and gave up 10 hits and 4 BB's, which adds up to 14. So it's 14/7=2.00whip. 2 is consided bad, anything below 1.2 is very good, with anyone, especially a starter, under 1.00 is fantastic, and the kind of pitcher you would love to have on your team. Makes sense?
  6. April Listening

    Foreward to the past for me: --- Jack Teagarden: King of the Blues Trombone --- Glenn Miller: The Complete Glenn Miller --- Artie Shaw: Complete Artie Shaw vol's 3,4,5,6,7,8
  7. More dumbass worship of MJ

    The real "Greatest Ever"
  8. Geeze, the credits must be a mile long!!

    Did I really count 26 Engineer/Assistant Engineers? But, Hey, it's all about the music, right.
  9. Most interesting/favorite 'Herbie Hancock' BN

    I go for The Prisoner just for the simple fact that the song "I Have a Dream" is the best composition in the last 50 years of jazz.
  10. Problems with new Soulive release

    Maybe the knew way before hand about this screw-up, and that's way they closed the BNBB down -- to spare themsleves all the grief the would've received.
  11. Problems with new Soulive release

    Is anyone surprised anymore over Blue Note's bungling over quality control? It has to one of the worst offenders in this area of any big-name company.
  12. Stupid Drinking Game

    Mark Murphy
  13. Stupid Drinking Game

    Donald Byrd
  14. Bunny Berigan Mosaic

    I'll pre-order this one, I'm in a "Big Band" streak right now, listening to the "Complete Glenn Miller". In fact, I'm thinking of spending this year just building up my Big Band collection. I'm not finding the new jazz that's coming out very exciting -- maybe it's the war, but i have a need for a more innocent(?), simplier(?), kind of music. Can't explain the feeling, but it's there.
  15. ***Home Plate***

    Talk about bad Karma! Ken Griffey dislocated his shoulder. Guess it proves you can't go home again. On a serious note, I live in the Seattle area for three years, and watched Griffey a lot at the Kingdom. He was the best player I ever saw during those years, there was nothing he couldn't do on the field, and, when in a streak, his swing was the most beautiful thing this side of Will Clark. It's just sad to see how far he's gone downhill in Cincy.
  16. I went to my local Tower record store today, and I was shocked to see an Euro import entitled: Lou Donaldson The 1952 Blue Note Sessions. I have been hearing rumblings about the 50 vs. 75 year copyright law concerning the US and Europe, but for the first time, it really hit me -- in seven years there is the real possibility for every Blue Note record from the 50's to be in print from European sources. What will happen to companies who depend on the revenue for reissues? One of which is Blue Note. How can these American companies make a living? Forget Norah Jones being the end for Blue Note, Europe will do it, and make money off the corpse.
  17. Van Dyke Park: Song Cycle

    I also bought Parks' Discover America, but I might give Song Cycle a couple more spins before I move on.
  18. ***Home Plate***

    Just so I can say this: The Dodgers are in first place and have the best record is baseball!
  19. eBay craziness... again

    What makes this guy's name so hard to spell??? It is happening again....
  20. Mosaic Teagarden Set

    I did get the Jones (which is great) & Moncur (haven't listened to it yet) Selects, but, for some reason, I don't feel the same with the Selects as with the big box. My last four Mosaic sets have been OOP lp sets (Brooks, both Chet Baker's, also got the Eddie Condon). I'm on the bandwagon for the Mulligan Concer Jazz Band though. One interesting thing: I read on the West Coast Jazz mailing list is that there will be a Mosaic of Pacific Jazz piano trios out sometime. Whether a select or box, I don't know, but that was a surprise to me.
  21. Mosaic Teagarden Set

    I had the contrary reaction -- I found the three cuts from the Mosaic website very tame, and, well, boring. And this from someone who loves the Capital Teagarden Mosaic. Think I'll put this toward the bottom of my Mosaic to-buy list. Frankly, I've found the past two years of Mosaic offerings very unexciting. The last one I really looked forward to was the Donald Byrd/Pepper Adams, which has turned out to be one of my favorites.
  22. March Listening

    Medeski, Martin, and Wood: -- Uninvisible -- The Dropper -- Combustication -- And a ton of live concerts off the 'net. "Brother" Jack McDuff -- The Honeydripper (Heck Yeah!) You know who -- Waiting for the Boogaloo Sisters
  23. Charlie Hunter

    The first I heard Hunter is from a concert tape with Medeski, Martin, and Wood, recorded in Austin, TX. Hunter does great stuff with MMW, and plays some very inventive stuff. Still need to get my first album, but I like the live stuff I've heard so far.
  24. If I remember correctly, the cover had a faux blue-tint that was not on the original cover.
  25. Received my copy today, and I must say, I love this cd. Has a nice, tight sound, and it's obvious that a lot of creativity went into Waiting for the Boogaloo Sisters... Put me down on the I love "Life Wish" side, had a great vibe to it, Joe Gloss does great things on this cut. Marsh is also outstanding, keeping everyone in line. I'll be spending a lot of time listening to this over the next couple days, along with my other fav of the moment... The Dropper . Congratulations to Jim, Joe, and Randy for a fantastic first effort.