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  1. Folk singer/songwriter Pete Seeger has died aged 94

    A great man, musician and American patriot! RIP
  2. CD burning--weird problem

    I have a Sony that's going to turn 20 this summer, and although I rarely burn these days, over the years a few wouldn't play.
  3. Tom Gola, RIP

    coming from NY enjoyed him as a kid when he was with the Knicks. Didn't know he was on a championship team with the Warriors....RIP
  4. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    90.5FM KSJS San Jose and http://www.ksjs.org Wednesday 10 AM - 2 PM Pacific Time Artist interview takes the final hour of the program with a Q&A with our guest followed by exclusive play from his/her music 01/29 It will be an honor to speak to a living Grand Master, Mr. Harold Mabern with his "Right On Time" album which comes to us from Smoke Sessions Records
  5. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    Today's" Straight No Chaser" Broadcast 90.5FM KSJS, San Jose and www.ksjs.org 10am Dewey Redman -I-Pimp - In London Harold Mabern - Edward Lee- Right On Time Pedrito Martinez Group - La luna - [self titled] Howard Alden / Andy Brown Quartet - Chuckles - Heavy Artillery Jeff "Tain" Watts - Brekky with Drecky - Watts Brandon Ross / Stomu Takeishi - Thanks(for J-R) - Revealing Essence Brian Gephart - McCoy Matrix - Standing On Two Feet Rob Derke NYJAZZ Quartet - Pasillo Azul - Blue Divide 11am Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts - Free Range Chicken - Wake Up! Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts - [title song] - The Scenic Route Doug Webb -Rhythm With Rudy - Another Scene rene marie - Peel Me Grape - I Wanna Be Evil Gerry Gibbs - Sunshower - Thrasher Trio Matt Wilson - July Hymn - As Wave Follows Wave George Colligan - If The Mountain Was Smooth You Couldn't Climb It - The Endless Mysteries Tim Warfield - [title song] Inspire Me! 12pm Matt Wilson Quartet - Free Willy - Humidity Matt Wilson Quartet - Big Butt - Smile Edward Simon & Ensemble Venezuela - Maracaibo - Venezuelan Suite Randy Weston & Billy Harper -Cleanhead Blues - The Roots Of The Blues Howard Levy's Acoustic Express - I Felafel Blues - Time Capsules Allison Miller BOOM TIC BOOM! - Once - No Morphine No Lilies Anoushka Shankar -Unsaid [w/Norah Jones]- Traces Of You Amir ElSaffar - Athar Kurd - Alchemy 7 on 7 -[title song] - Back When It Was Fun 1pm Featured & interviewed artist: Matt Wilson with his latest Palmetto Records release "Gathering Call" #2 Some Assembly Required #4 Get Over, Get Off And Get On #1 Main Stem #7 You Dirty Dog #10 How Ya Going? #5 Barack Obama #11 If I Were A Boy #12 Pumpkin's Delight
  6. NFL 2013

    That did not happen.....last year SF defeated Atlanta to represent in the last Superbowl Yes SF & Seattle are in the same division and play each other 2x each regular season.
  7. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    90.5FM KSJS San Jose and http://www.ksjs.org Wednesday 10 AM - 2 PM Pacific Time Artist interview takes the final hour of the program with a Q&A with our guest followed by exclusive play from his/her music 01/22 One of my favorite musicians, Matt Wilson scheduled to join us to discuss his latest Palmetto release: M@!!!!
  8. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    Today's "Straight No Chaser" Broadcast 90.5FM KSJS and www.ksjs.org 10am Revolutionary Ensemble - 911-544 - ...and now George Colligan Thought of Ana & Outrage - The Endless Mysteries Ravi Coltrane - At Night - Impulsive Anoushka Shankar - Flight - Traces Of You Edward Simon & Ensemble Venezuela - El Diablo Suelto Barry Danielian - Shine your Light - Metaphorically Speaking 11am David S. Ware - Nataraj - Shakti [MLK Birthday] Bobby Watson -The Triad - Check Cashing Day Allison Miller Boom Tic Boom - Pork Bellies -No Morphine No Lilies World Saxophone Quartet - Africa,Europe,Asia - M'Bizo Ben Allison o Swiss Cheese D - The Stars Look Very Different Today Jane Ira Bloom - My Ship - Sixteen Sunsets Tim Warfield - Monkey See Monkey Doo - Inspire Me 12pm Cecil Taylor -With [Exit] - Conquistador Roswell Rudd - Trouble In Mind - Trombone For Lovers Amir El Saffar - Embubum,Ishtarum,Pitum - Alchemy Avi Rothbard Trio - See Walk - City Colors Kevin Coelho - Shadows - Turn It Up 1pm Jessica Williams Trio - The Seeker - Freedom Trane Dennis Gonzalez - [title song] - A Matter Of Blood Dave Valentin - Passion Fruit - World On A String Mitch Frohman Latin Jazz Quartet - Mongo's Groove - From Daddy With Love Orrin Evans - Gray's Ferry - Freedom Dave Liebman Big Band - New Breed -Live As Always
  9. http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/12/18/after-a-lengthy-battle-miles-davis-way-is-official/?_r=0
  10. January 10th & 11th NYC marathon

    Reynolds, you're killing me.....there's a couple of large convention_like meetings & Winterfest going on at the same time and I'm not there! Couldn't pull this off for various reasons, but still lamenting over not being able to make it......SUCKS!!
  11. 2013-14 Hot Stove League

    [not dissing you]......does anyone really care? Dan Le Batard doesn't care
  12. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    Today's "Straight No Chaser" Broadcast 90.5FM KSJS, San Jose and www.ksjs.org 10am Brad Mehldau Trio - [title song] Day Is Done Modern Jazz Quarter [1951] - Milt Meets Sid - Modern Jazz Quartet Modern Jazz Quartet - [1952] True Blues- Modern Jazz Quartett Doug Web - Bird Song - Another Scene Roswell Rudd - Green Onions - Trombone For Lovers Randy Weston & Billy Harper -Cleanhead Blues - The Roots Of The Blues Kenny Clarke Trio - No Smokin' - Americans in Europe Bobby Watson - My Song - Check Cashing Day Kevin Coelho - The World Is A Ghetto - Turn It Up Ben Allison - Neutron Star -The Stars Look Very Different Today 11am The Rhumba Club - Maiden Voyage -Desde la Capital Jack DeJohnette -Indigo Dreamscapes - Sound Travels Michael Pedicin - 27 Up - Ubuntu Fareed Haque - Tex Mex Jungle - Out Of Nowhere George Colligan - Lift -Come Together George Cotsirilos - Justin Case -Variations Craig Yaremko - Blue Fontaine - Organ Trio Brian Lynch - Gone But Not Forgotten - Unsung Heroes Vol. 2 12pm George Colligan - [title song] - Runaway Jack DeJohnette - Deception Blues - Music For The Fifth World Brian Gephart - Time Flies - Stbading On Two Feet Pedrito Martinez Group -Travelling Riverside Blues - [self titled] Ian Hendrickson Smith - The Sorry For Laughing Blues - Tonight Is Now Joe DeRose - So It Is - Peace Streets Randy Weston & Billy Harper - Congolese Children Song - The Roots Of The Blues Vanessa Rubin & Don Braden - Love Makes The Changes - Full Circle 1pm Featured and Interviewed Artist: George Colligan with his new album from Origin Records "The Endless Mysteries" #1 Waiting For Solitude #5 It's Hard Work #6 Thought Of Ana #7 Outrage #3 Her Majesty
  13. How's the weather?

    Feel so fortunate not to be in these frigid conditions sweeping through so many places; feel for you if you are having to deal with it. 3rd year serious drought.... day after day mid to upper 30's in the evening mid 60's in the afternoon.
  14. john litweiler ZOUNDS

    Oh geez....so sorry to heat this
  15. 2013 -14 NHL and assorted hockey stuff

    ....or 1 singular EVENT per year That said those 'north of the boarder' want an outdoor game badly, so 1 in USA & 1 in Canada each year or alternating I think is more reasonable. I actually like that the conditions aren't predictable like the indoor rinks....puts hockey for those few games in the same realm of football or baseball where wind/weather may come into play. In the winter classic they changed ends at the 10 minute mark in each period...pretty cool wrinkle I thought.
  16. NFL 2013

    Can't have it both [3] ways ....dangerous Chargers/Chiefs practice squad/Chiefs 1st stringers just not a very good team. Niners/Carolina two terrific defenses, but we'll not see a baseball score like we did last time. 9ers had no wide receiver threat and other key injuries last time out.
  17. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    90.5FM KSJS San Jose and http://www.ksjs.org Wednesday 10 AM - 2 PM Pacific Time Artist interview takes the final hour of the program with a Q&A with our guest followed by exclusive play from his/her music 01/08/14 For our first interview/artist feature of the year, we'll be calling Portland Oregon to speak to this returning guest to discuss this fantastic new album which comes to us from Origin Records.
  18. 2013 -14 NHL and assorted hockey stuff

    The players and coaches unanimously love it, as they (almost) all started out playing outdoors. With the weather being the way it was both teams kept things pretty simple which to me was really enjoyable to watch. In an effort for the NHL to 'kill the goose that laid the golden egg' they're doing this Stadium Series, at the end of the month and then again in March. Kings/Ducks at Dodger Stadium Rangers/Islanders, then 2 days later Rangers/Devils; both at Yankee Stadium March 1 & 2 Pens/Hawks at Soldier Field Canucks/Sens at BC Place
  19. 2013 -14 NHL and assorted hockey stuff

    The Winter Classic was a fantastic show yesterday!! Did anyone catch it? I'm glad Toronto got the 2 points as goaltender Bernier was head & shoulders the best player on the ice IMO. Funniest part was to me, hours afterwards NHL network had a post game show OUTDOORS near the rink....to see the co-hosts in parkas chatting it up in the frigid weather was pretty silly. During one segment, they had 2 participants from the game who were named to the USA Olympic team who were typically hockey player polite, but were very happy to be done. I get it to have reporters nearby for immediate reaction after the game as NBC did, then they had an indoor place and a podium indoors for coaches and player interviews. Question to NHL....stadium holds 100,000+ seats....might there be an indoor area to set up your post game panel?
  20. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    Happy New Year!! Today's show 90.5FM KSJS, San Jose and www.ksjs.org We'll play a variety of things....among those music including the recently departed bassist Dwayne Burno [RIP] 10am David Weiss Endangered Species - Prometheus Unbound - Music of Wayne Shorter [incl. Dwayne Burno] New Jazz Composers Octet -The Fork In the Road [comp & arranged by Dwayne Burno Dena DeRose - Spring Is Here - Another World [incl Dwayne Burno] Dena DeRose - Alone Together - I Can See Clearly Now [incl. Dwayne Burno] [self titled[ Brian Lynch meets Bill Charlap - Blues For Gilad [incl. Dwayne Burno] Randy Johnston - The Jump Back - Is It You? [incl. Dwayne Burno] 11am Stan Getz Quartet - La Fiesta - Live at Montreux 1972 Mitch Frohman Latin Jazz Quartet - Mongo's Groove -From Daddy With Love Jesse Davis - Recession Blues -As We Speak [incl. Dwayne Burno ] Howard Levy's Acoustic Express - Lay Lady Lay - Time Capsules [self titled] Pedrito Martinez Group - Despues de Todo John Abercrombie - LST - 39 Steps 12pm Sharel Cassity - [title song ] Relentless [incl. Dwayne Burno] Andrew Swift - Goodbyes -Swift Kick [incl. Dwayne Burno ] Don Braden -Sweet T -Brighter Days [incl. Dwayne Burno ] Mike Longo NY State Of The Art Ensemble - Yoko Mama - Live in NY David Weiss - [title song- - Breathing Room [incl. Dwayne Burno] Vanessa Rubin & Don Braden -Love Makes The Changes - Full Circle 1pm Steve Turre - Dance Of The Gazelles - Delicious and Delightful Mulgrew Miller -Citadel - Live at Yoshi's Vol. Two Marcus Miller -Power Of Soul - Silver Rain The Monterey Quartet - Step To It - Live at '07 Monterey Jazz Festival Kenny Werner - Lawn Chairs - Lawn Chair Society Ben Allison - The Stars Look Very Different Today - Swiss Cheese D
  21. The violinist thread

    I don't know if there is one, so let's have at it!
  22. Dwayne Burno RIP

    RIP great musician in every setting....sadly leaves behind a wife & child
  23. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    Today's "Straight No Chaser" Program Merry Christmas & farewell to some of those we lost in the jazz world this year.....90.5fm KSJS, San Jose and www.ksjs.org 10am Arturo Sandoval - Jingle Bells - Playboy Latin Jazz Christmas Duke Ellington - Jingle Bells -Jingle Bell Jazz Jimmy Ponder [RIP] - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [for my granddaughter Olivia ] Ray Brown Trio w/ Diana Krall - Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Christmas Songs Dave McKenna - Santa Claus is coming To Town - Christmas Ivory Plas Johnson - Santa Claus is coming To Town [for Mika Christmann ]Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song [Christmas Compilation] Louis Armstrong [title song ] - Christmas in New Orleans Louis Armstrong - Christmas Time in Harlem [compilation] Louis Armstrong - winter Wonderland [compilation] Rebecca Parris - Cape Cod Christmas - The Secret of Christmas 11am Cyrus Chestnut & Friends - Skating - A Charlie Brown Christmas " - Fur Elise - A Charlie Brown Christmas Rob McConnell and The Boss Brass - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas/I'll Be Home For Christmas - Big Band Christmas [RIP] Yusef Lateef -Oscarlypso - Live at Pep's [RIP] Cedar Walton & Eastern Rebellion - Joy To The World - Jazz Yule Love [RIP] Donald Byrd - Christo Redentor -Ultimate Jazz Christmas Charles Brown - Merry Christmas Baby - " 12pm Geri Allen - Christmas Medley -A Child Is Born Geri Allen -Midnight Clear - A Child Is Born Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orch. - A Child Is Born - Ultimate Jazz Christmas Ted Rosenthal - Angels We Have heard On High - Wonderland Carla Bley - Hell's Bells - Carla's Christmas Carols Don Patterson - Merry Christmas Baby - A Slow Jams Jazz Christmas Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band - Yo Tennenbaum [promotional sampler] Vince Guaraldi - Christmas Time Is Here - A Slow Jams Jazz Christmas Eric Reed -God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen -Merry Magic 1pm [includes Donald Byrd] John Coltrane - (title Song) The Believer - The Prestige Recordings Disc 12 [includes Donald Byrd] Hank Mobley - Fit For a Hanker - The Complete Blue Note 50's Sessions [RIP] Frank Wess/Harry Edison Orchestra - Battle Royal - Dear Mr. Basie [RIP] Mulgrew Miller - If I Were A Bell - Live at Yoshi's Vol. 1 Mulgrew Miller & Wingspan [title song] - The Sequel
  24. Yusef Lateef RIP

    I've always loved his flute playing.....
  25. Yusef Lateef RIP

    Preparing for my next on-air shift which falls on Christmas....holiday tunes and farewell to a number of great musicians that passed this year including now Yusef Lateef. RIP