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  1. Snurdy

    Upping this thread as it's been a while and it's so very worth a revisit (Snurdy, and the thread sentiments; I always get misty-eyed when Chuck emotes). I have to wonder how many worthy recommendations are buried on this board. (Actually, I'm an old hand, so I know there are gems-a-plenty to be [re]discovered.) Anyone not in ownership of this treasure must rectify that situation at once.
  2. All Things Hat

    ... and Werner is back in control of Hat. goodbye - hello
  3. For the laggards among us, advance ordering of the repressed -- and then, apparently, to disappear -- Bee Hive set has been extended through Sunday, 04/29.
  4. SME's Karyobin to be reissued in Japan

    ... and for your listening pleasure, without the need to place a second mortgage on your daughter's dollhouse, now available on the Emanem label, for the no-brainer price of $16.95. "The 2nd SME record to be issued, a 1968 classic of free improvisation as the quintet of John Stevens, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Dave Holland, and Kenny Wheeler, the 1st SME to feature their new organisational method, here remastered with far superior sound and balance than previous issues, with new notes by Evan Parker, Dave Holland and Martin Davidson plus session photos." SQUIDCO