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  1. Vinyl to CD Transfers

    Sure. You'll need to get some equipment, though. I have two different situations where I do this and both are on Macs: 1) AT WORK - We have Pro Tools LE with the Digi 002 rack as our A/D converter, a Thorens TD-160 turntable and a G4. All you do is route your turntable into the PT rack and treat it like it was a microphone. Mix it down (or don't) and burn it off in whatever CD-R burning software you've got (Toast, etc.). 2) AT HOME - I bought a Philips dual-tray burner with analog recording capabilities and use it exactly like I would a cassete deck were I recording LPs onto cassette. It's very easy. The Philips has a setting where it looks for 3 second breaks in sound and inserts a 'new track' marker but I don't trust it. You never know when surface noise will trigger it to keep going. Fortunately, it has a remote with a 'skip track' button so you can assign the tracks on the fly (and from across the room) while you do something else. This is especially helpful if you're digitizing an LP with tunes that run into one another without a break. From there I burn and finalize the CD-R in the Philps and then load it into iTunes. You'll want to do this because those Philips recorders are consumer grade and the CD-Rs they require are okay but not something I'd store information on for a very long time. Plus, if it's already in iTunes you can burn another copy whenever you want or incorporate any of the individual tracks into a mix. BTW: I bought my Philips burner on eBay for about $100. They go for about $500 new so be sure to look at eBay as well. Lots of folks are dumping perfectly good ones on eBay since iTunes is so popular but they're obviously people who never needed the analog capabilities and don't realize what they're getting rid of. Hope this helps.
  2. Favorite movies?

    It's great. On another note, I rented 'READ MY LIPS' tonight after someone kept bugging me about it for months. Better than I expected and it gets better as it goes along. I also finally got around to seeing 'BREATHLESS' last week. Wow.....
  3. Rock "solo projects"/"side projects"

    I'm also a big fan of the Latin Playboys. When Los Lobos recorded 'KIKO' in 1992, David Hidalgo, Louie Perez, (engineer) Tchad Blake, and (producer) Mitchell Froom recorded some extra tracks that evolved into another project altogether: the Latin Playbos. Much more angular and experimental than Los Lobos. Basically like 'KIKO' or 'COLLOSAL HEAD' but more psychedelic and engineered in the same vein as the mid/late-80's Tom Waits records. I prefer the self-titled one but they're both really good.
  4. Rock "solo projects"/"side projects"

    Well, if you've seen the film then you should know what to expect. If you haven't seen the film then I advise you to do so APAP.'deliberatrly paced', but that kind of stuff doesn't bother me. If you know anything about Jim Jarmusch then you already understand this. Beautiful high-contrast b/w featuring cameos by Iggy Pop, Billy Bob Thornton and Gibby Haynes (of the Butthole Surfers). He basically revisits his 'DOWN BY LAW' formula--'DBL' featured Tom Waits, John Lurie and Roberto Bengini--in a Cormac McCarthy-inspired setting (a la 'BLOOD MERIDIAN', etc.). 'DOWN BY LAW' is among my top five films of all time and last year's Criterion DVD looks great.
  5. Rock "solo projects"/"side projects"

    I love these records. It's amazing they got Geffen to issue this stuff, with no mention of XTC anywhere in the packaging and VERY limited sales potential.
  6. Elmo Hope

    Agreed. Frank Butler is very impressive as well.
  7. ***Home Plate***

    A World Series split b/w Fenway and Wrigley would be absolutely amazing. Any self-respecting fan of the sport and it's history should welcome it with open arms.
  8. Mother Ship Cover Unveiled

    In graphic design circles Reid Miles was famous for mixing fonts. He called it something like "the liberation of type". Interesting you say that, Chuck. My brother is a graphic designer and we've had arguments about this topic for years. Certainly there are a number of examples of him (Reid) mixing fonts. I guess my point goes back to the whole Photoshop thing. Patrick mixes fonts in a manner I associate immediately with graphic design software. This is probably because a lot of Patrick's go-to fonts are too modern and too crisp to have ever appeared in a 50s/60's design.
  9. BYG Actuel Series

    That is true but there are FAR more titles available through Get Back's LP series than there are by Fuel 2000.
  10. Looking for cover of Ornette's Who's Crazy

    Affinity, huh. That's all I need to know. Thanks.
  11. Mother Ship Cover Unveiled

    Let me say again that your 9-16-03 10:21 post (quotes don't include graphics on this site) is really good. Just for the record......
  12. Looking for cover of Ornette's Who's Crazy

    Has this music been issued--officialy or otherwise? I love the film documenting the session ('ORNETTE, IZENZON, MOFFETT') and the music's great but I've never seen the tunes available on their own.....
  13. *** Eric Dolphy ***

    I hope no one's mentioned this yet but, if you dig Dolphy, you owe it to yourself to hunt down the Rhapsody Films VHS release of the 1964 Oslo, Norway performance by the Mingus group. It's a relatively famous scene, so forgive me if I'm repeating what everyone already knows, but Eric takes such a long bass clarinet solo at one point that Charles simply picks up Eric's mic and moves it over to Clifford Jordan. It's really funny but, that aside, Dolphy is seriously on any serious fan needs this footage. I got my copy at Jazz Roecord Mart years ago. I assume it's still in print......
  14. Mother Ship Cover Unveiled

    That's a great one! One of the problems I have with Patrick Roques -- and I don't have many, he does a fine enough job -- is that he employs too many fonts. If you look closely at Reid's designs, you'll notice he seldom combines more than one font and often sticks to only one. I like that kind of uniformity. That said, I very much enjoy what he did with: Jackie McLean - 'VERIGO' Tina Brooks - 'MINOR MOVE' Grant Green's first session. This one's pretty great too. All in all, the only thing getting in his way is that fact that a number of them look too 'Photoshopy'. Very very digital. And by this I don't mean that the resolution is bad. Look at 'SIX VIEWS OF THE BLUES' for example.'s a situation that could have only been arrived at by digital means and it really takes away from the original point, which is too look 'old'. I don't know. Just one man's opinion.