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  1. Note, this isn’t a Braxton release.
  2. A septet led by Kobe van Cauwenberghe playing Braxton compositions. Quite refreshing. Some background from Tim Rutherford-Johnson here: https://johnsonsrambler.wordpress.com/ Music is on Bandcamp here: https://elnegocito.bandcamp.com/album/ghost-trance-septet-plays-anthony-braxton
  3. https://burningambulance.com/2021/06/25/ba-podcast-66-anthony-braxton/
  4. Digital files avail from Bandcamp for $13 on 07/23. https://roybrooksband.bandcamp.com/
  5. ctuck1

    Bud Powell cd

  6. I’ve always felt like Lester was the spiritual heir to Cootie Williams.
  7. I could be wrong. Perhaps this has been released before. As I've learned, George Lewis was sponsored at IRCAM in the early '80s. His studies there culminated in a May 1984 sound project with Lewis operating three midi-networked Apple II computers linked to Yamaha DX7's which "interact" with invited guests in a series of performances. These guests were Doug Ewart, Derek Bailey, Steve Lacy and Joëlle Leandre. It seems this series of performances was broadcast on TV in Europe at the time; until now they've not been released as sound recordings. Now available from Carrier Records on Bandcamp at: https://carrierrecords.com/album/rainbow-family I think it’s pretty cool.
  8. Looks interesting... https://blankformseditions.bandcamp.com/merch/thulani-davis-nothing-but-the-music
  9. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the video of Hawk listening to Bird as he solos on Ballade. Priceless.
  10. KC PBS documentary new to me. https://www.pbs.org/video/bird-not-out-of-nowhere-tjtcyb/
  11. and a new “album” https://someothaship.bandcamp.com/album/mama-you-can-bet
  12. Sounds like Gladys, Stevie, Mavis and Donny Hathaway got a gospel choir and cooking band together and had a ball (as Art Blakey would say). Connecting the dots, avery sang on Nicole Mitchell’s Mandorla Awakening. https://fperecs.bandcamp.com/album/tubman
  13. Plus you have the lovely Veronica kicking errybody’s ass.
  14. Recorded in 1975 for ESP Disk, but not released until 1991 and then only in Japan. https://blankformseditions.bandcamp.com/album/april-is-the-cruellest-month This Japanese guitarist is new to me; a fascinating listen for $7 via Bandcamp. Three tracks that build nicely; the 3rd track ("My Friend, Blood Shaking My Heart") is a 20-minute squall. If your sinuses need clearing, you may want to check this out.
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