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  1. His website with many of his recorded shows on WKCR seems to have disappeared completely from the internet. A loss to his listeners and one that probably would have horrified him.
  2. I agree with Brad--just listened to CD2 last night and I'm really enjoying this one.
  3. One of the broadcasters on the Coleman Hawkins broadcast today said that Phil Schaap is sick. I know he is a somewhat controversial figure on these forums, and without getting in the middle of that discussion, I hope he makes a good recovery. I think he has played an important part in keeping so much jazz on WKCR, including these regular birthday broadcasts.
  4. Here is an Amazon link to the 2 CD set. I think it is still in stock, not shipping until June 29. http://a.co/a1x10CT
  5. This may already have been discussed here, in which case I apologize in advance, but I just saw an article in the NY Times about a lost Coltrane album to be released on June 29. Link below: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/07/arts/music/john-coltrane-lost-album-both-directions-at-once.html
  6. Has anyone looked at the overlap between the downloads and the new set? Probably will buy this either way, just curious. Exciting news for Mosaic, long may it run.
  7. Needle-nose pliers: another very good idea. I just saw these at the hardware store last week when buy a new pair of small pliers for a hard to reach location. Better jazz listening through hardware!
  8. Thanks! I will visit the hardware store and find some fine-grain sanding paper. This sounds better than what I have been doing (essentially breaking one or two of the teeth).
  9. Thanks for letting us know about the Beehive box CD teeth problem. I have already had a problem with the Earl Hines set. What is the best recommendation for how to "shave down" the teeth? I have tried to use a nail clipper to poke out or bend some of the teeth but there must be a better way. Any advice appreciated!
  10. On the Goodman order saga, I ordered mine on May 23 and just got a notification today that it would be shipped in the next week. Seems like progress is being made.
  11. Thanks -- I should have known! Somehow when I was looking at a list of them I missed it. I was watching a live feed of a show of his on Sunday night and it reminded me of how much I have enjoyed seeing his shows in the past.
  12. Has Barry Harris ever won this honor? If not, he seems like a good pick. He's 87 years old and still playing and teaching.
  13. I have downloaded and listened to the album ("Volume 3: Honeysuckle Rose") once. The sound quality was good and the music conveyed some of the excitement that there must have been when Fats Waller, the John Kirby Sextet, Benny Carter and the others played clubs. The Kirby Sextet sounds looser to me than in some of their studio work, if that makes sense. The narration is a perhaps bit corny for 2017 but very much of its time. Wife and younger son both tolerated it well while I made breakfast on a Sunday morning. I'm not as knowledgeable as the group here and not in a great position to make a comparison to what else is out there, but I would recommend it.
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