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  1. I remember that series from when I was a kid.
  2. Some time ago, I don't know if it was related to this thread, I read an American had fallen into the crater of mount Vesuvius while making a selfie, and been miraculously saved by other people.
  3. That is also always the case with me. All works of art follow one simple structure: presentation, conflict, resolution. And I always like the first best. The first part of a novel, film or anything is always the best.
  4. Today I finished Ask the dust, in my opinion the standout novel from the quartet. And I still have the last to read. But I dug a bit deeper and researched and found it's considered his finest work. And Bandini, his alter ego, something you notice just by reading (there's one novel, Wait until spring, Bandini, where the main characters are his father and his mother and he is just a small kid), but when you read secondary literature it all falls into place. It's just as he describes it. I don´t like to read anything about what I am going to read beforehand. Not even prefaces or texts on the back. I like to enjoy the work of the author as it was conceived to be enjoyed, without knowing anything about it. There's always time afterward. And I also didn't know he was an inspiration to Bukowski or Kerouac.
  5. Oh, I read a while ago here about a book that appears in the background of this cover: Jazz Optisch 1.8k Location:Germany
  6. I once read, in the liners to the Joe Pass Mosaic, I think, that Moore, Pass and Burroughs shared a crash pad at some time in New Orleans, I think. Pass played in a strippers club. So all very seedy.
  7. I also like them a lot. And it was actually through a Chewy comment I discovered them.
  8. I loved IG Culture in the early 2000s and now. And everything Broken Beat. And I see this is on Kindred Spirits, a very interesting label then and now out of Netherlands. Very nice video.
  9. The exact same. So I don't know why I'm now a newbie, plus I lost the status I had before. But the move to the new format has been awesome, with limitations that existed before disappearing automatically. Now everything loads faster.
  10. A very great set. And one in which I also especially like Goodman. And Hampton.
  11. What I see disturbing in all of that is that music making like it used to be known will soon be a thing of the past. Perhaps not for us. But for the generations following us. They already love their music Autotuned and the artists like the artificiality of it above all else. So this is already in place. And the music from the 20s to the 90s (of the XX Century and before) is only valued by a couple of mammoths like us. Very good the article in Pitchfork, which has been a source for me since the late 2000s. Specially its follow-up called Will AI lead to new creative frontiers, or take the pleasure out of music? That article is really good.
  12. That's two I also like a lot. And have in a Conn edition. 10" series IIRC. From when I had that series 5000 craze back when.
  13. That's one I would be interested in too. Was lucky enough to snatch Vol. 2, but couldn't find a copy of the first box, which covers I believe 1970-75. And since it's from 2012, I guess, I was hoping it might get reissued in 2022.
  14. Yes Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards were great. Separately or together. I still remember Nile Rodgers' participation in Bowie's Let's dance. Or more recently with Daft Punk
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