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  1. With a wonderful version of My funny Valentine in which Hayes plays vibes instead of tenor.
  2. I deeply disliked Goodman for a long time. Because of all that King of Swing thing. Until I realized how good he really is. And now I like him very much. Especially on small group. Like here. And with Charlie Christian or Fletcher Henderson or Lionel Hampton.
  3. That's something I can only agree with. Coming from an extremely Catholic country I see a lot of that flip flop.
  4. The other day I listened to Sonny Rollins' trio A Night at the Village Vanguard after reading about Elvin Jones in Mark Stryker's Jazz from Detroit. I wasn't even aware of him there. Edit: what Kart book is that?
  5. I remember the scene with the Yardbirds from Blow Up very vividly. Smashing their guitars.
  6. I've got him IIRC on an album with Bud Shank. It's actually two albums, New Groove and Barefoot adventure, which IIRC again was the soundtrack to a surf movie.
  7. That's a song I love, and which I discovered through Breaking Bad. It fit perfectly there.
  8. Ah, thanks. I think I will try to track it down. But what's the next 51 Chess? Weren't all of them on that album mentioned?
  9. I also disliked them deeply (ELP). But there's one song from them, From the beginning, that's one of my favorites ever.
  10. Continuing on in the theme from yesterday with this great set that contains, I think, Capitol and Black and White sessions. And thanks very much John L for your suggestion.
  11. And really, really enjoying it. The booklet is also very good. I've picked two bibliographical references from it.
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