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  1. one more for Basra!


    The State of the Tenor, Live at the Village Vanguard (2CD, Blue Note, with Ron Carter & Al Foster)

    Mirror Mirror (MPS, 1980, with Chick Corea, Ron Carter, Billy Higgins)

    Then the other Henderson-Dorham Blue Note collaborations:

    Our Thing (with Andrew Hill)

    Kenny Dorham, Una Mas! (with Herbie Hancock)

    and then let's hope Dorham's Trompeta Toccatta will reappear (I never heard it)

    then some more:

    Lee Morgan, Sidewinder

    Lee Morgan, Rumproller

    Andrew Hill, Point of Departure

    Andrew Hill, Black Fire

    these are only the ones which come to my mind right now.


  2. Funniest is definitely GOOD GRACIOUS. Couldn't resist sticking that one in the list.

    Those were the days of the fatassa models :P:P:P

    Otherwise, so many great covers - and imagine they were done by a guy who likes classical music using the photography of some german - now zat swings!

    How about some sort of a "Blue Note Chappel"? (like the Rothko chappel) Sort of a cube where all walls are pasted with original LP jackets... not to meditate in, obviously...

  3. everybody who received a Bill Evans Riverside set from zweitausendeins, check disc 8. it may contain some Miles Davis session instead of what should be on it! (despite looking alright - what's printed on the CD is "Bill Evans Disc 8")</span>

    I emailed Mr. Luening again and he replied two hours ago that they'll send the right one out to me.

    I'll post here when I'll have the Monk discs 9-12 and the correct Evans Disc 8.

    Now: has anybody detected similar flaws to the Pepper, Evans Fantasy and the two Tatum boxes? - if so, please post here!


  4. Mike: I've only heard one set (off the air) from Ms Gambarini, but I did like what I heard. No need to argue. What seems to me is that she's maybe a little bit too, say, "artistic"? Maybe the concert I heard was good cause Ronnie Mathews, Jimmy Woode and Roy Hargrove were accompanying her...

    Jim: No idea if she's made a record.

    Then another recommendation: swiss singer Susanne Abbuehl. She made an ECM record called "April", where she's accompanied by her band (piano, percussion & clarinet/bass clarinet). I saw her live once and heard several broadcasts. She has studied among others with Jeanne Lee, her disc has songs she wrote for lyrics of e.e. cummings and Carla Bley compositions she wrote lyrics to. Now you may say this sounds special, but I think it's not just for the sake of being different. She does her thing for quite some time now, has a stable band with constant line up who are extremely responsive, and she does have a good voice with much musicality and feelings projected. Anyone knows her?


  5. Jim, good point you have about the scatting!

    How about Mel Tormé? I think he's a hell of jazz-singer and I consider his bethlehem albums (Lulu's back in town, At the Crescendo, Sings Fred Astaire) some of the best vocal jazz ever done. And Mel's scatting (go for "Lullaby of Birdland" on Lulu) seems to be very musical. (I know there are some who like Mel and dislike Ella scatting, for instance...)

    And do you (or anyone around here) know Roberta Gambarini? She seems a tremendous singer (with extremely musical scatting/improvising/soloing like a horn player), imho!


  6. Just got my Monk set today. Everything's fine except that there are two copies of vol. 2 and none of vol. 3... :rolleyes:

    Some others and me too have the same problem, but got a quick response fro Mr Luening (see the correspondent thread at AAJ, Offering & Looking section). He apologized and said they'll send me the missing volume and I shall keep the superfluous Vol. 2 (which on front is called Vol. 3 but back and CDs are Vol. 2 - maybe this is the reason?). I'd say you contact Mr Luening and then we all hope they will supply the missing stuff!


  7. Tough choice! But no voting as I know nothing (yet) of Berigan and Spanier, and not much by others listed.

    The Buck Clayton Mosaic gave me many hours of listening pleasure, Roy's great anyway, this I happen to know (or think I do...) - BRING US THE COMPLETE VERVE ROY ELDRIDGE MOSAIC soon please!

    Bubber Miley would be another favorite. Bix I know so far only from the two ooold Legacy CDs, so some pleasing experience waiting for me when I'll finally get the Mosaic!


  8. Coltrane's, yes, and for me it's maybe Elvin, too, who does it, rather than McCoy (who is amazing, too, but seems the tremendous groove they're locking into stems mainly from Elvin)

    Which Dolphy version do you mean? (Don't have my CDs at hand - isn't there one on Ron Carter's "Where"?)

    Paul Chambers did a nice one, too on one of his Blue Note albums, but this maybe is not in the same league as the Rollins, Coltrane & Young ones.


  9. Jimmy Gourley is a personal favorite of mine, too. Then how about Billy Bauer? His "Plectrist" is impeccable. (is this really his only date as a leader?)

    Jimmy Raney another favorite, then of course Burrell and Hall (remember all those GREAT bands he was in, like the Chico Hamilton Quintet, Giuffre Three, Rollins of "Bridge"-period, his records with Paul Desmond...)

    And then Sal Salvador would be another personal favorite. So, no vote possible.


  10. I actually got it - but - 1) only because I found it new (just after its release) for 140$ and - 2) I have to admit I have only listened to the '74 concert in its entirety and then only sampled the later concerts. This has nothing to do with me not liking Miles' 80ies music, but rather with lack of time and too many new CDs lying around half listened to. Then, how could you possibly find time to listen to 4 discs (which would be the afternoon & evening concerts from one year/day) in a row? (same problem with the Plugged Nickel)

    However, what I heard of the music, I have liked quite a lot. Some of the versions of TAT are nothing short of sublime, imho. And there are some differences from the Warner "Around the World" disc, as that one has music only from around 1989, while the Montreux has stuff from 1983 onwards.

    I reckon it is only for completists.


  11. I don't know that much about Hope either, but was lucky enough to find the old BN CD holding all his EMI (BN & Pacific Jazz, I think) recordings. A very nice trio session and a quintet with Frank Foster which is not as good as the trio in my opinion, but nice nevertheless. I guess these were two 10" LPs. Then there are 3 tracks with Stu Williamson and Harold Land Hope made for Pacific Jazz. One of those strange incomplete sessions which seems to have been spread over several compilations originally.

    And I think your point in comparing Hope to Andrew Hill is very interesting. I don't know enough to know if it's a good or bad point from a technical viewpoint, but concerning sound and feeling they seem to have some things in common.

    The only other Hope (besides The Fox) is his session with Sonny Rollins (Moving Out on Prestige) which is very nice, too.

    The Memorial Album is the one with Coltrane, yes? If so, it is on CD! (go to the Fantasy page for more info)


  12. Savoy seems to start reissue their new acquisition (this has been talked about, I think - however Savoy bought 32jazz and with it the Muse & Landmark catalogues). And it seems they issue the music with the same titles as 32 did. (Maybe the improve as far as cover "art" is concerned? :g )

    Another one which is up for pre-order is Zoot Sims in Philly, I think (can't remember whether I saw it on barnesandnoble or cduniverse or somewhere else). But it's good news anyway, cause there's a whole lot of good stuff in these two catalogues!

    Of Stitt I saw something about "In Case You Forgot How Bad He Really Was", a live date I think first issued by 32jazz. Well, let's hope Savoy brings us all the music back soon!

    And Ed: you're in for a treat with Martial Solal! A great musician, still going strong.


  13. I had to vote for the Gil Melle, though I really love the Sal Salvador, and all are topnotch, excellent sessions.

    The Melle though is just unique in its approach and sound and I'm so glad these were all assembled in one package.

    same with me.

    Love the whole series, and first was tempted to vote for the wonderful Watkins.

    Frank Foster and Benny Powell perhaps were the greatest surprises (I didn't know Mellé and Salvador before, so no opinions to revise there).

    And me, too, would love to see more of the BN 10" stuff reissued. I've got the old Elmo Hope and love it, of course the Miles stuff, then all those compilations (Monk, Fats etc.) - so they should bring us the rarer ones - wasn't there a Wade Legge session, by the way?


  14. I love Coltrane's Atlantic years, but to know Coltrane we have to listen to his Impules recordings as well. I agree with Ubu's comments about the music being dark and brooding. Sure is. It's got depth and you can always stick on Bennie Green's "Soul Stirrin'" afterwards if you need some cheeriness. ;)

    now this is some nice therapy! I really should try it! :g

    I did not however mean my comment in any negative way! I love that music - the classic quartet is one of my favorite bands ever (and I guess I'm not the only one). I got the box and all the Deluxes and some of the older Impulse CDs as well, awkward reissue policy, yes, but who cares - it's Coltrane :)


  15. except for some of the first two batches and all of the latest (except Byrd/Watkins which I have), I have pretty much all of them. And it's quite a hard choice!

    One which came to mind first was Stick Up! by Bobby Hutcherson.

    Then Mellé,

    Sonny Criss,

    Griffin's The Congregation is one of my favorites (got the LP, wonderful sound. And that first track, whoa!!)

    but there are so many good ones, Quebec, Hipp, Ervin, Brooks, McLean, the Cherry, Solid, Little Johnny C, Harold Vick, Louis Smith...

    and of course the whole 10" series within the series

    and the West Coast series... too hard to make a choice for me!


  16. uh, and the box does have some pretty essential alternates (more than the ones on the Legacy and Alternate Take LPs) - most beloved are the ones from the Plays the Blues tracks, and Blues to Elvin. Don't know if these were added to the CD reissues at all (actually this side of the pond you only get them as part of the Atlantic Original Sound series, which I don't like too much, and which have no alternates never.)


  17. Rooster, as Michael said about the alternates. (Didn't know about Equinox but always thought that intro was quite a strange one!)

    The box was where I got started on Coltrane. It's still one of my most beloved box sets. Great music: Giant Steps, the equally fine but lot less known/regarded Coltrane Jazz, then the strange meeting with Don Cherry, the nice jam with Milt Jackson and as highlight, the extended quartet session of october 1960 with McCoy & Elvin (those yielded the albums My Favorite Things, Coltrane Plays the Blues Coltrane Sound + alternates) and Olé Coltrane (see next album of the week...)

    The music of the early quartet in my opinion is much more playful, lighter than the often dark brooding strenght of the Impulse recordings. And it stands in between the classic Coltrane and his early work (my favorites thereof would be Traneing In, Soultrane, Blue Train, Setting the Pace) and might get you interested in both the before and the after. Recommended!


  18. Then the later hardbop sessions ("Mustang", "Blackjack" and the fine recently RVG'd "Slow Drag") are a nice but unspectacular bunch, too.

    I disagree --- tracks like 'The Lover' (which would actually be an excellent closing number for a Byrd radio show imo) and 'Secret Love' from Slow Drag deserve a bit better than a plain 'ol "nice".

    The title track is a bit weak though.

    maybe you're right! I should give them another listen, soon! They're certainly not bad, but I seem to prefer his mid fifties stuff, in general. What I like on the later ones though, is the presence of Sonny Red. Got his very good blue note, too. Another underrated musician. Anyone knows why Lion did not give him a second chance as leader?


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