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  1. B00005AVE1.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg

    just got this great CD yesterday and love it. Last week found the self-titled atlantic and love that one, too. She is for me, next to June Christy and Peggy Lee one of the great stylists of her era. And also, she seems to be one of the sources of Diana Krall and other younger singers.


  2. This is one of my all-time favorites, though I rate Mingus' The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady even higher.

    Same with me, Hans. But I think these two are quite closely linked. Two tracks from Mingus x5 are from the Black Saint session, if I remember correctly. And the other session has our perrennial hero ( :P )Booker E. aboard and the remakes of the older compositions are quite nice, too. Though I have to admit that I prefer Haitian Fight Song on The Clown and Better Git It... on Ah Um (which is one of my all time favorites). But what makes the versions on Mingus x5 interesting is first that they feature a large ensemble and it works out very well, and, second, that on drums there is Walter Perkins instead of Dannie Richmond, and this works out well, too.


  3. Great review, Soul Stream! Thanks!

    I think for me, this album is a grower. I eagerly awaited the RVG (never heard it before) - and, I have to admit, I was a little bit disappointed after my first listen :( It seemed a little too laid back, too easy, not as lively and grooving as what I knew by Grant Green (and this was one of the last Blue Notes - I think Goin' West will complete my collection). Anyhow: this seems to be a quiet, slow burner, something on blue flame and all the more heat for it...

    Every time I put it in my CD-player again, I like it better... and I sure have to listen to it again tonight or tomorrow after reading your comments! Thanks :)


  4. Actually due to the amount of money I can spend on music, I started to buy only those Mosaics which are running low - but I got the Parlan when it was quite new. And I loved it from the time I first listened to it. I mostly got the set for Booker Ervin and Stanley Turrentine (and Johnny Coles), but I fell in love with the three trio LPs as well. Wonderful stuff! Knew Parlan only from his sideman work with Mingus (which I like a lot, too), and the music on the Mosaic was all new to me!


  5. yep. on one of the jazz in paris releases (i think its the buddy banks jazz de chambre one), there are 4 tracks added that feature his flute with her piano trio. nice but not essential in any way.


  6. I marvelled about this one on the BNBB (shortly before its decline and fall). It was one of the very last Miles recordings I got, having never heard anything particularly recommending about it - and it was a very pleasant surprise! I too love this record. Dig Mobley's solo on Old Folks, dig Teo, Trane's and Philly Joe's cameos, and then there's Miles with his other-worldly sound...

  7. Yep, I think "Friendly Fire" (this is the one I meant, of course) is OOP. I do like Lovano but am not an ardent admirer of him. And yes, Moran is not the main player concerning solo space. But all in all, I think it's sort of a nice encounter - certainly worth picking up at a good price.


  8. Just listening to my today's acquisition, Osby's "Banned in New York". Very authentic live music by some great young(er) musicians. And ordered "Soundtrack" and "Modernistic" today, due to this thread... you guys really make me lose my last cent...

    By the way, I'm also fond of Moran's contribution to the otherwise rather friendly and not too spectacular meeting of Joe Lovano and Osby on Blue Note (the title escapes me), seem to be Moran and Muhammad who make the difference on that one.


  9. Thanks for all your responses. Think I'll have to get way too many of these.

    By the way: I'll be buying all the other Bethlehem/Rhino reissues anyway (such as Persip, Ervin, Tormé, Conner, Sims etc). I got the list of them which was once posted on another board. Those I listed in this thread are just the ones I wasn't sure whether I really need to have.

    By the way, another of my favorites in this series - just because some recommendations have been made here, and it hasn't been listed yet - is Herbie Nichols' "Love, Gloom, Cash, Love", his last recording with Duviver & Dannie Richmond.


  10. I'm starting to track down the 1999 Bethlehem reissues on Avenue Jazz/Rhino and don't know whether the following should make my wantlist or not:

    - Bob Dorough, Devil May Care

    - Duke Ellington Presents

    - Duke Ellingotn, Historically Speaking

    - Frances Faye, Sings Folk Songs

    - Johnny Hartman, All of Me

    - Johnny Hartman, Song from the Heart

    - Herb Jeffries, Say It Isn't So

    - Carmen McRae, Carmen McRae

    - Herbie Mann Plays

    - Herbie Mann Sam Most Quintet

    - Betty Roche, Take The "A" Train

    Any comments on these?

    Generally I like those reissues quite a lot, so I might well go for anything I'll be able to find, but concerning the ones listed above, I'd be glad of some short comments by anyone who owns them.



  11. I presume that the Vogue discs have been discontinued and are now impossible to find...

    At least one of the Vogues (Bobby Jaspar & His Modern Jazz) is available at amazon.fr for the price of 13 Euro, which seems alright.

    But you seem to be right, as they all seem to be out of print...


  12. Another Moran lover from the other side of the pond.

    He gave some duo (with Osby) and trio concerts recently over here which I heard were fantastic - but I missed him :(

    I don't want to lessen his individuality or anything, but I'd say one hears quite well that the late great Jaki Byard was one of his teachers. My immediate impression when first hearing Moran (the "Facing Left" disc) was asking myself whether Jaki was reborn!

    "Black Stars" is a treat. (But somehow I always tend to marvel more about the old man on the saxophone - one of the all-time greats and in what shape! - And yes, he plays quite a good piano. Check out his "Solo" disc on FMP to hear him on all his instruments.)


  13. This set for me came as quite a surprise. I got it without knowing any of the music and generally being more interested in the music beginning with bop.

    As Lon said: some great music, much good or very good stuff. One of those collections Mosaic do the best.

    You will meet many of the same players in different line-ups, which brings to the set sort of a continuity. Then, you will hear soloists you might never have heard of, but after hearing them here, you possibly would like to get more...

    I can only recommend this set!


  14. Just finished reading "Beneath the Underdog" and like it a lot. I think this book should have its place in the african-american literature, with the likes of Langston Hughes, James Weldon Johnson or Amiri Baraka.

    I read it as a piece of fiction, of course, including some amount of information on Mingus' early years as a musician and on some of his colleagues such as Buddy Collette.

    Other opinions?


  15. Another Book-addict. I think I too get your point, Chuck, but don't care about that either.

    I love his Book-series on Prestige as well as his other stuff, like the recordings he made with Horace Parlan for Blue Note and his Savoy session with the great Richard Williams and Parlan in attendance.

    But yes, one has to be careful not to get an overdose for the intensity of Booker can really get too much!

    Otherwise, for me, the moment when his playing takes off and gets into this overdrive flying thing - that's what is the greatest with Booker.

    I was introduced to Booker also first via the Mingus sessions, Ah Um and also the great Antibes Atlantic, which I think is one of Mingus' underrated greatest LPs. Booker gives a good contrast to Curson's Cherry and the abstract and out Dolphy, love his preaching on "Prayer for Passive Resistance".

    Then anybody who likes Booker should try to hunt down the OOP "Booker'n'Brass" with arrangements by Teddy Edwards and featuring other soloist Freddie Hubbard and Bennie Green, OOP (?) "The In Between" (Richard Williams again) and not yet but probably soon to be OOP "Structurally Sound" (with Charles Tolliver).

    The above mentioned Enja release by Horace Parlan includes the complete (around 27 minutes long - Yanow says they were supposed to only play 15 minutes) 1-track set by Booker's band (with Alan Dawson the other main ingredient) from the 65 edition of the Berliner Jazztage and as an added bonus, there is "Lament for Booker", a very nice tribute done solo by Horace Parlan after he does some talking about Booker. The liner notes by the way include a blindfold-test conducted with Booker around the time of the recording, which is quite interesting, too.


  16. If you order directly from Steeplechase they may offer some discount in case you order 10 or more CDs. Mail them to find out. (Don't know, of course, whether your wallet allows - mine would not, these days, but I mailed them some time ago and remember they answered me something like this.)

    Anyone who likes Duke Jordan should try to find "Flight to Jordan", Duke's sole Blue Note release, featuring the great line-up of Dizzy Reece, Stanley Turrentine, Reggie Workman and Art Taylor. The CD has 2 bonus tracks (not alternates) which are nice to have, too.

    (on the subject of Richard Williams again: I got those Lateef discs and like them very much, as I do with "Cookin'"; don't have the Gryce, but it's on my wantlist...)


  17. brownie: another question on Mulligan CJB: do you know where I could find the RTF-set (I think it's 2 CDs) that is mentioned every now and then Mulligan is discussed?

    And another one you might be interested: TCB (www.tcb.ch) issued a disc called "Concert Jazz Big Band Zurich 1960" which is quite nice:


    Gerry Mulligan bs/leader

    Conte Candoli tp, Nick Travis tp, Don Ferrara tp, Zoot Sims ts, Bob Donovan as, Gene Quill cl/as, Jim Reider ts, Gene Allan cl/bs, Bob Brookmeyer v-tb, Willi Dennis tb, Alan Raph b-tb, Buddy Clark b, Mel Lewis dr

    TCB 02122


    (by the way, if you check this "Swiss Radio Days" series: the Jones-Lewis disc is a stunner!)

  18. Jim, thanks for this spot-on analysis!

    For those who haven't seen yet: in the Mosaic section I posted what Mosaic has mailed me about the contents of the upcoming Mulligan-select.

    This then would be one of my first recommendations for Mulligan.

    The quartet with Baker made some more great sides (besides those on Pacific) for Prestige (available on an OJCCD) and GNP (also on CD together with the great Mulligan "Modern Sounds" tentet session, which was I believe originally made for Capitol), then one of my favorites is the disc which added Lee Konitz to the quartet

    Then the line-ups with Bob Brookmeyer: there are 2 Volumes of "Pleyel Concerts" on Vogue, the two live "California Concert" sessions on Blue Note (adding Zoot Sims and John Eardley on some tracks) and the "Storyville" disc (also on Blue Note).

    Then there are the encounters: the VME 2CD with Ben Webster is great. The Getz/Mulligan nice, and I like the two recordings with Paul Desmond quite a bit, too (they made one in the fifties for Verve with Mulligan billed as leader and a few years later they made one under Desmond's name for RCA, both of which should be available on CD). (Then I wait for the much-praised Mulligan/Hodges disc to be reissued, never heard it but read much in favor of it on the old board)


    (By the way, Jazzmoose, keeping' my fingers crossed for your son-in-law. I don't post over in politics but I read the thread yesterday.)

  19. This is what I got from Mosaic (sent them a mail yesterday asking about the contents of the Mulligan set)

    So there IS some unreleased stuff included. And it seem they're able to pack it on 4 CDs because they might for a change put more than 60 minutes on each CD...

    Anyway, it's great news, of course.



    #1-8 Gerry Mulligan The Concert Jazz Band V6-8388

    #9-12 unissued bonus tracks from same sessions


    Gerry Mulligan And The Concert Jazz Band On Tour: Guest Soloist Zoot



    with three unissued bonus track


    #1-6 Gerry Mulligan And The Concert Jazz Band At The Village Vanguard


    #7-12 Gerry Mulligan Presents A Concert In Jazz V6-8415


    #1-8 Gerry Mulligan '63 The Concert Jazz Band V6-8515

    #9-12 unissued bonus tracks from same sessions

  20. If you dig Richard Williams you might want his "New Horn in Town". I think (but am not sure), this is his sole date as a leader, it was done in 1960 for Candid with Leo Wright, Richard Wyands, Reggie Workman and Bobby Thomas. A very good record, indeed!

    Other than that, he made some apperances with Mingus (Mingus Dynasty, Columbia 59) and Oliver Nelson/Eric Dolphy ("Screaming The Blues", Prestige '60), Slide Hampton (Exodus, recently reissued in the "Jazz in Paris" series), Max Roach ("It's Time", Impulse '62) and Booker Ervin ("The In Between", Blue Note 68).


  21. Yeah, "Tangents in Jazz" is wonderful stuff! Just gave it a spin a few days ago. Love it! (anybody knows more about the drummer on this date? can't recall his name right now)


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