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  1. Just wanted to check to see if anyone ordering from the States has got their order. I placed my first order two weeks ago, and then another order one day later. The order shipped one day later arrived this past Monday, while the older order has not yet arrived. Is this sort of thing common with international shipping from the UK to US? i.e. should I be worried about that first order? This has been my first exposure to Soviet jazz, and so far I'm really digging it.
  2. First shipment arrived yesterday from England. (I made two separate orders.) So psyched for my first real exposure to Soviet jazz.
  3. Hopefully my massive 30 disc order will arrive in the States soon. I am ready to mainline this music right into my veins as soon as it arrives...
  4. Went in for 20, but I think I'm going to go in for 10 more. This sale is going to consume my listening time for the next several months, as there are lots and lots of Leos that I've always been interested in but never gotten around to.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I dropped a nice order...the shame is that he has to do this at all. Shows how bad the market for CDs has become...
  6. Gave the Mitchell a closer listening today...it's really a remarkable record, so glad that I picked it up.
  7. Yeah, this set is a huge deal IMO. First new Mosaic big box I've been excited about since probably the Threadgill, which is of course on a very different end of the spectrum.
  8. Disc 1, finally, after a long search. This music makes me indescribably happy.
  9. Quite a few. I'm still working through three different box sets: Riverside Wes Montgomery, the FMP retrospective box, and the Ictus box. And according to the postal service I have a fourth box arriving tomorrow. Plus a stack of Sun Ra Transparency stuff I haven't listened to yet. I really need to slow down, not so much from a money perspective as from a time perspective. But I can't seem to help that I have very broad tastes and like a lot of variety in the things I listen to. I used to worry a lot about not listening enough to each CD that I bought...now I don't keep track anymore and just allow myself to enjoy my collection when and how I am able to do so.
  10. I've been looking for the Anita O'Day Mosaic for some time, but every time I look the only thing I can find are jacked up copies on Amazon going for $500-600. So I thought I'd post here and see if there might be anyone with a copy willing to unload at a more reasonable price. Please pm me if you have any leads. Thanks!
  11. Just sent money for the two CDs. Looking forward to hearing them! David
  12. PM sent on Archie Shepp - On This Night and Steve Lacy - Soprano Sax.
  13. Player arrived yesterday, and I've been listening to the Miles Davis Bootlet set on it throughout the day today (the set also arrived yesterday). I'm very happy with the sound; it's definitely crisper than what I was getting from my older model. More importantly, no skipping at all. My kids can run and jump around the room to their heart's content and the CD player keeps going without missing a beat.
  14. Thanks for all the advice, gents. I am going with a new NAD player, which should arrive sometime this week. I'm excited about the possibility of hearing my collection through a higher quality CD player.
  15. Up with addition of the David Murray Black Saint/Soul Note box set. The Clifford Brown Emarcy Box is also still available...
  16. Is your dvd player connected to the same speakers as your cd player (or can it be?)? If the answer is "yes", why not use it for playing your cds? Thanks for suggesting this. I did it today and the skipping problem is solved. I think I'd like to upgrade my cd player, but now I can take my time picking the one I want now that the immediate problem has been solved.
  17. Thanks for the responses. I'm leaning towards getting a new dedicated CD player--one disc only. Looking for value for money...I like good sound but I'm not able to spend $1,000 for a CD player when I can get something that will work well for a fraction of the cost. Any recommendations would be warmly appreciated.
  18. No, CDs don't skip on my computer, and indeed, my DVD player does not skip either. I don't really want to go to a streaming setup, as I really like being able to play the physical objects...
  19. The CD player is on the upper shelf of a home entertainment system that is sitting on the carpet in my living room. There are certain spots on the floor that if you step on them too forcefully, the player will skip. I had the player on the lower shelf earlier but it was skipping then, which caused me to try the upper shelf. I added the tennis balls (four halves in total, one for each corner) last week and it doesn't seem to have made much of an improvement. I think I'd be fine with buying a new CD player but I want to be sure that a newer one would actually fix the problem. I don't even really need a five-disc changer, I'd just buy a regular single disc player if I knew it would work fine. Has the technology advanced enough so that this would not even be an issue with a new player?
  20. So, my stereo is set up in an area where my children--a 7 year old girl and 2 year old boy--sometimes can be seen running about, back and forth. When they hit certain spots on my floor, it can cause any CD that is playing to skip, enough to the point where it becomes annoying. My CD player is pretty old...a 5-disc RCA that I bought about nine years ago. I read somewhere that tennis balls cut in half could fix this sort of thing. I did that but it seemed to have little to no effect. Is there something else I can do to try to limit vibration, or would a newer model of CD player fare better with this sort of thing?
  21. I'm sorry, but I did not read that note as excusing what happened. I think it had more to do with what is happening RIGHT NOW, and whether he is "okay," health-wise, right now. There are some of us who still care about such things. Not everyone in the world looks to throw somebody in the trash when they do something horrible.
  22. Anyone into experimental music should jump on the Rowe on Erstwhile, A View from the Window. Great recording at a bargain price.
  23. I want both of these. I pay you money. You give to me.
  24. Inspired at least in part by this topic, over a week ago I started up a new blog, that is at least tangentially dedicated to writings on the music, life, and philosophy of Sun Ra, though as it develops I find ways to include other dimensions of my thoughts as well. Anyway, for those who are interested, you can check it out at http://otherplanesofthere.blogspot.com Thanks!
  25. Up...price reduction on the two box sets and have added five discs: Lateef's Psychicemotus, Carter's Further Definitions, Jacquet's Desert Winds, Mengelberg's The Root of the Problem and Koglmann's L'Heure Bleue.
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