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  1. The word appears in the beginning of the story. I'll be grateful if someone could explain to me what it means in this context. "All hunting stories are the same," said Clovis; "just as all Turf stories are the same, and all--" Here is the link for the complete story. http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Esm%C3%A9
  2. I just saw that there are two versions of his "Black, Brown and Beautiful". Is there anybody familiar with those records?
  3. The new album "Light On" is very good.
  4. Listened to "Live at Minton's" and it is a "fun record". The things I liked: # Both tenors are approaching bebop but from different directions. Davis is a bit before and Griffin is a bit after. This contrast is interesting. # I like when they play together the tunes, their double-voice interaction on arrangements is very original. The things I didn't like: # Junior Mance sounds "allright", since I haven't heard a really bad solo for a long time I think that being "allright" is not enough. I nead something special. # They always solo in the same order and that's boring. # Wish they did more "trades". Their main interaction is on the tunes, not in improvisations.
  5. Alon Marcus

    Jim Hall

    Whatever one's opinion of Jim Hall, I think you might get more than a few differing opinions about him being the "'father' of modern guitar." It could be a nice thread.
  6. Alon Marcus

    Jim Hall

    Jim Hall has been my favorite guitarist for a long time. He builds improvisations in a logical way, but that’s not the thing which makes him so interesting. His playing is full of surprises. He always keeps a feeling of suspense, the feeling of “What will happen now? What is he going to do next? How he intends to use that new idea he just droped into the solo?” Such 180 degrees plot twists are thrilling. Most of his phrases are pretty short and simple. I like to count, sometimes, the number of notes players use in a single phrase and use my fingers for that purpose. With some people you need both your hands and legs and other unusual organs. Hall’s inventivness with only three or four notes is amazing. He plays those notes, then approaches them from a different note, plays them with a different rhythm. It’s so simple one wonders what makes so many musicians play fast and pale technical lines. Jim Hall is also the “father” of modern guitar. More than other guitarists I think. Actually it will be interesting to analyze the genetics of guitar playing. In my opinion two main branches of that tree grow from Wes Montgomery (with Benson afterwards) and Jim Hall. I like his recordings with Ron Carter. Right now I’m listening to the “Complete Recordings of the Paul Desmond Quartet with Jim Hall”.
  7. Alon Marcus

    June Christy

    A few tubes with June Christy. Taking a chance on love All God's Children Got Rhythm Supposin' Imagination
  8. I think that Martial Solal plays a synthesis of Tatum's and Monk's styles. 1. He has Tatum virtousity. 2. He has Monk's angular phrasing. Obviously other reasonable choices could be made, but that's part of the freedom the game allows. Solal plays with Montgomery and Griffin
  9. Cecil? Muhal? Maybe Cecil and Muhal are good choices but you need to give two reasons for your opinion and examplify it with a video clip.
  10. Here's a random choice of mine for a thesis to begin spinning the wheels of the game. Art Tatum- Yesterdays
  11. The rules of the game are simple. In the first post we choose the thesis. In the second post the antithesis is presented. In the third post you present the synthesis which is the new thesis and the so the game goes on and on. YET, it's a musical game. In the first post the thesis is a piano player. Let's say Bud Powell for example. The first poster puts a link to a video with Bud Powell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P-kpOiT6Eo The second post is an antithesis for Bud Powell's video, and you also need to give two reasons why. Let's say you chose Bill Evans as the antithesis 1. Lyrical approach as opposed to Bud Powell's more trumpet like attack. 2. Richer use of left hand chords. And a link to Bill Evans video. The synthesis might be Herbie Hancock. You need to give two reasons why he is a synthesis of Bud Powell and Bill Evans in your ears. And a link to his video. It's fun
  12. I get the impression that you're not real familar with all they have done. All is a big word. Probably you're right. I'm also not familiar with ALL what Christina Aguilera did, but still I enjoy listening to her more then to KC. They never made me interested with their music to dig into more of it. Somehow it was always the BUZZZ around this band that created the interest for me. Hope you're not angry or something
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