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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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The Fabulous Doc Cheatham (Parkwood) - purchased on a record shopping jaunt with The Magnificent Goldberg in Atlanta today.

So the record shops of Atlanta have been cleaned out then ! :D

Might want to tell MG that the weather back here is currently fantastic, about 20C.. :)

Well, made the mistake of taking him to a store that has four bins of obscure gospel LPs. I usually pick one or two up every time I go there, but now there's a much smaller selection.

The weather is about the same here.

Now playing: Milt Jackson - Second Nature (Savoy twofer). Picked it up after reading here that it contained all the Milt/Lucky Thompson Savoy recordings. Love it!

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George Lewis at Home (Dan) - picked up on my New Orleans trip this week. Several of these wonderful Japanese Dan albums have takes from Bill Russell's American Music label that have not otherwise been issued.

George Lewis, at his best, represents a limited musician who was totally in touch with the essence of music. His basically simple music touches me deeply 65 years after it was recorded.

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Staying up late, playing some sweet/soulful New Orleans 45s:

James Rivers - Closer Walk/Take Your Choice (Instant) With Allen Toussaint and the great guitarist Roy Montrell.

Roland Stone - Just a Moment/I Can't Help It (Ace) One of the unsung heroes of New Orleans pop/R & B.

Aaron Neville - Tell It Like It Is/Why Worry (Parlo) As perfect a six minutes of music as any I've heard.

Bobby Marchan - There's Something on Your Mind, parts 1 & 2 (Fire) Based on the Jay McNeely version, but beautifully performed.

Bill Sinigal and the Skyliners - Second Line, parts 1 & 2 (White Cliffs) A little-known, but important recording in New Orleans music history, from the mid-1950s. With Milton Batiste, James Rivers, and Ellis Marsalis.

And three by one of the great voices of the Crescent City, Chuck Carbo:

Tears, Tears and More Tears/I Shouldn't But I Do (Ace)

Promises/Be My Girl (Rex)

Second Line on Monday/Meet Me With Your Black Draws On (504).

And just before I go to bed, I'm ending with the New Orleans single I would take to a desert island:

L'il Queenie and the Percolators - My Darlin' New Orleans/Wild Natives (Great Southern) I miss Little Queenie (Leigh Harris) - she left the city after Katrina. This 1981 single is just perfect - eight minutes of funk/rock/Dixieland bliss, with a great tenor solo by the late Fred Kemp. If "My Darlin' New Orleans" is the last piece of music I hear before I die, I'll die happy.

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Guy Lafitte 'Et son Quartette avec Kenny Hagood' (French Columbia 10")

folowing the thread on Hagood by epistrophy007 went back to this LP to relisten to it.

Hagood's songs include 'Body and Soul' where a fearless Lafitte plays a fine solo with excellent piano support from the underrated Raymond Fol!

Nice album!

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Guy Lafitte 'Et son Quartette avec Kenny Hagood' (French Columbia 10")

Just dug out his Pathe Marconi 10" with Orchestra playing Persiany arrangements !


Charlie Christian 'Immortal' (Esoteric 10") Mintons session with Monk and Joe Guy.

'Charlie Christian/Dizzy Gillespie' (Esoteric 10")

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