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BFT #16 - Disc 1 - Discussion

Dan Gould

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7- this MUST be the non-vocal track that was left out of that album:


Track is 'Optional'. I have this on a trumpet anthology LP that I obviously did not place in its right place among my vinyls. Just could not find that LP to just check this answer. But I feel pretty sure about this. The horns are so distinctive...

Yeah, I thought the phrasing sounded very much like this trombonist, but the sound of the instrument sounds like something other than a slide trombone!

But ok, everything makes sense now. :tup

apart from the wack sound of that bone to be sure.

thanks for the ID brownie

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Dan -

I've been swamped with work and haven't had as much time as I would have liked to have spent with your BFT. I'm not sure that it would have mattered all that much because, other than naming a few tunes, you have me stumped. That said, I did have a few guesses:

1. Ike Quebec? Not anything I have heard before but something about his phrasing and tone remind me of Ike.

2. Hawk?

5. Horace Silvers The Preacher, right? I'm guessing that this isn't Horace, but I have no clue who else it would be.

10. Maiden Voyage, but I have no clue who this is. Both the tenor and the organist sound very familiar, but I wouldn't even hazard a guess.

Overall you have compiled one of the strongest BFTs in terms of tracks flowing together into a coherent whole. I really dig the vibe on a lot of these. I really have enjoyed listening to this and am looking forward to spending some time with disc #2. If this disc is any indication, I am in for quite a few HAFCs.

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3. This was correctly identified by Jim R as Billy Strayhorn's beautiful composition "Chelsea Bridge," and this version comes off this new disc.. 4 stars. I love this album. I think it's his best in the last 10 years.

#3 of Disc 1 IS Lovano on tenor and it IS in my collection but I was too quick to label this one. "Chelsea Bridge" is not even on the CD linked in the quote of my original post. It is from an Ed Thigpen disc from 1998 on a Danish label which puts out a lot of great material called Stunt Records.

Here is a link to the actual disc:



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Real late on this and have yet to pop #2 into the player...

While not looking yet, and won't till I get some more time, I must say this classic slab o grease and then some is very well done indeed. Love the first half.

I've seen that the texas tenor is a participant and am very anxious to find out what's going on on here. Sadly I'm not so versed in the who's who of those Holy Sounds (1-6) from the deep lunged so this will be quite an ear opener to me.

Here goes...

1-Quebec, Ammons or some other Proper boxed honker???

2-Nice and greasy... Silver with grits ... needs a proper release fo sho.

3-Chelsea Bridge but that's alls I know.


5-Yeah baby! TOMT (Saved some Saturday nite grease for biscuit dippin' before church.)

6-Great stuff again...

7-What no grease off the bat and a bone tossed in?

8-Hmmm... a theme here? now I'm confounded even more.

9-A stomper ... must be back on the theme. Great cut!

10-Maiden Voyage done as a late nite organ cover? shoot I have no idea where this is going. Nice read.

11-A smoothed ensemble... I've heard this before somewhere but can't put a finger on it at all.

I was going to try and figure out some more here but since I've no got a one I will move on and give a looksee.

Thanks to our (con)founding father of the BFT. :tup

edit: sp

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  • 8 years later...

Years late, no peakies. One disc in, absolutely digging this BFT.

Track 1 - Sure sounds like Hawk to me, but I'm not sure of the record. Seems like my Hawk collection on LP was limited to those Prestige double re-issues and, well, we know what the iPod has done to my ability to recognize individual song titles and/or albums.

Track 2 - Dexter doing Some Other Blues. From the Selmer years, for sure. Even when he 'lost a step', he was a baaaaaad man. Not sure of the band. Maybe Kirk Lightsey on piano?

Track 3 - Chelsea Bridge. Older sound, but the ideas are Joe Henderson. I like it, but there's something that has me thinking he's paying homage more than creating. I'll guess Lovano.

Track 4 - Nice duet of Ellington. Love the tenor's sound. It's someone spanning two generations; or rather, he's from an older generation but still active. And there are things that are pinging in what he's doing, but not giving me a positive ID. I love this guy, though. He's patient, strong, articularte, knows the language, melodic, and tasteful, so I have to assume he's older. I'm going to kick myself when I check the reveal. I'll also say NOT Gene Harris as we've evidently entered that portion of the test.

Track 5 - And this HAS to be Gene Harris. In fact, this HAS to be The Three Sounds covering Horace Silver's The Preacher. If not, somebody owes direct royalties. Nothing not to love here.

Track 6 - After Hours, and I'll say NOT Gene Harris. One of those Concord sessions by the sound. Maybe Plas Johnson? Doesn't sound quite smokey enough to me. I'm getting sucked in. I'm going to say Red Holloway and be wrong. Hmmm... maybe it IS Gene. I'm going stick with no, but could easily be one of the Phillip Morris All-Stars things.

Track 7 - Nothing not to love here. Trumpet stays in that mid-range, flawless execution and a not-in-your face tone. Booker Little? That guess and the understated nature of the 'bone has me leaning Julian Priester. Zero confidence in these guesses.

Track 8 - Sound a lot like the Muse stuff of the late 70s. I'm going to make one of my odd statements here. I don't really recognize the trumpet player, but he seems like, based on the quality, I should know who it is. Because of that, the precision of the playing, and the sound quality, I'm going to guess these are Japanese Jazz musicians and I have no clue who they are.

Track 9 - It's Clifford Jordan's The Highest Mountain. I have the big band record, but don't play it a whole lot (there's just better Clifford out there). If that's what this is (and I'm not at all sure) it'd be Vernell Fournier on drums. I believe Don Sickler did the arrangements on this (and it sounds like his pen). Clifford takes the tenor solo. Had the great privilege of seeing and meeting him when I was 12. He let me record the set. The guy was an absolute monster.

Track 10 - Maiden Voyage. Not sure the organist, but this has that CTI studio sound. (Or that late Prestige studio sound). I'll go with the latter because there's some intonation wobble and CTI would have dicked with that post-production. There's almost something Teddy Edwards about this, but it's too modern. I don't think it's an early conservatory-age player because it's too individual. I like this a lot. I might chicken out and say Red Holloway. Second tenor is definitely more of a post-Coltrane guy to my ear. Two manly toned tenors (unlike the recordable shit that everybody seems to strive for now). I'd guess this is the younger of the two players. It's beautiful, though.

Track 11 - Man, this has to be Slide Hampton. Nobody writes those two-chord mollies like he does. Don't know who the piano is (maybe Walter Bishop?) but he's nailing that McCoy Tyner open-chord thing. *LOVE* that sound. This is outstanding in every way. Something awfully familiar about that drummer. This is BURNIN'! A Touch of India at the end. Nice.

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Pretty well done as you'll see when you check the answers Thom, and I have to tell you that while you got #2 partially right, its not the same track as I used originally. Couldn't find the original but I decided to sub in this one ... it is Dex and I now realize, stupid me, that I didn't check to make sure that the other tenor was actually on this track. D'Oh!

I should probably put this in the Answers thread but what the hey:

Track 2 is Dex, Some Other Blues, from Dexter Gordon - Ben Webster, Baden 1972 (TCB). Its Kenny Drew on piano. I originally programmed Webster for sequencing into the Chelsea Bridge recording. Too foolish to make sure one of the original "Angry Tenors" was actually on the track I substituted. The idea was Ike Quebec - Ben Webster - tune associated with Ben Webster. Damn.

And FWIW, there was no Gene/Not Gene section way back when. But not to say that you can't use that as a guessing construct. ;)

Edited by Dan Gould
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