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Monk and Bill Evans on Riverside

Alexander Hawkins

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I'd like to offer couw a big thanks for putting these alternative "booklets" together. It offers all of the relevant information you need from the Fantasy booklets, in a concise, easy to read manner.

Even if you have the original booklets, these are quick and easy reference that will probably get used much more than the originals in my case.

couw: THANKS! (<----- "big thanks")

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Just got my Monk set today. Everything's fine except that there are two copies of vol. 2 and none of vol. 3... :rolleyes:

Some others and me too have the same problem, but got a quick response fro Mr Luening (see the correspondent thread at AAJ, Offering & Looking section). He apologized and said they'll send me the missing volume and I shall keep the superfluous Vol. 2 (which on front is called Vol. 3 but back and CDs are Vol. 2 - maybe this is the reason?). I'd say you contact Mr Luening and then we all hope they will supply the missing stuff!


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My Monks arrived today - luckily for me all was present & correct . The 2 Bill Evans arrived Tuesday so i'm very happy at the moment (just hoping the Coltrane set reappears ).

I worked out today how much i saved in sterling - it unbeleivable , i compared prices weve paid to the HMV (uk) site

HMV / We paid

Bill Evans (riverside) £160.99 / e20.00

Bill Evans (fantasy) £120.99 / e16.00

Thelonious (riverside) £120.99 / e25.00

TOTAL (HMV) £402.97 (PAID) e61.00 in sterling = £43.88

so i have SAVED £359.09


with the 2 new selects arriveing today i dont think i'll be buying much for the next 6 months (yeah right).

COUW - the inlays are great - YOURE THE MAN

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Gary, Doesn't that mean you have another £359 to spend.

If my wife is lurking - definately not .

If not i'm trying to convince myself i have anough to listen to for quite a while ( well at least till Oct / Nov when the new Conns / RVGs & the Miles box comes out :) )

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everybody who received a Bill Evans Riverside set from zweitausendeins, check disc 8. it may contain some Miles Davis session instead of what should be on it! (despite looking alright - what's printed on the CD is "Bill Evans Disc 8")</span>

I emailed Mr. Luening again and he replied two hours ago that they'll send the right one out to me.

I'll post here when I'll have the Monk discs 9-12 and the correct Evans Disc 8.

Now: has anybody detected similar flaws to the Pepper, Evans Fantasy and the two Tatum boxes? - if so, please post here!


Edited by king ubu
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ubu: Thanks for the warning! I purchased the Evans Riverside box from my local 2001 store recently, but haven't had a chance to start listening to it yet.

I have the same problem - my disc 8 is labeled as an Evans disc (w/13 tracks), but actually plays something else, with only 10 tracks.

I'm going to e-mail Herr Luening and see what can be done here also.

I hope this doesn't happen on any of the other boxes that 2001 was selling so cheaply...

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Yeah, i've actually posted this over at the other board too.

My Disc 8 from the Evans Riverside box has 7 tracks rather than 11, all from the Miles Quintet sessions with Prestige.

I emailed Mr. Luening and he responded very quickly, within 24hrs, and assured me i would receive the correct disc.

Hope you get yours sorted.

cheers, tony.

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I got my replacement Bill Evans disc today . I couldnt resist it i ordered the Art Peppar box also


(good for you!)

All i have to do now is find some sort of web site with some really good inlays for it . You dont happen to know of any do you ??? :g

Edited by Gary
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Checked my disk 8. Just Evans playing 'Very Early', no angsty harmon mutes in sight .... B) . All of these sets are great, even without the notes. The sound quality of the transfers sounds pretty good too. Fantastic deal all round.

The 'Art Pepper Complete Galaxy' set is particularly recommended, along with the phenomenal Monk and Evans collections...

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Got my replacement Evans disc 8 yesterday from Herr Luening, after mailing him the defective one on Friday.

Big kudos to zweitausendeins for such great customer service!

got mine, too, beginning of the week.

and still have the wrong one, which makes me have the complete MD quintet prestige sessions again (after having traded in the Modern jazz giants disc when I got the Monk Prestige box...) - so even though it's wrong for Bill Evans, I still have some use for it!


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I got my Evans disc also, by return post.

These sets are amazing value even if you already own much of the music, but a caveat on the sound which is distinctly dated. The Pepper Galaxy LPs were originally issued in fantastic sound and certainly suffer in these dry, dull transfers. But as a guide to this music the sets are very valuable, and those who wisely resisted replacing their LPs (at unwarranted cost) can now finally (!) supplement them at a discount. Of course if you don't know any of this music at all then this is the bargain of the century!

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