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Nagel Heyer


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There's a lot of good stuff on Nagel Heyer, but I'd have to think a bit before making recommendations. But a nice mainstream label for sure.

One disc I've been curious about, can't recall the title, but it looked like an intriguing mix of outcats and straightahead guys. Anyone know the one I'm thinking of?

Oh, in the swing vein, I'd definitely recommend the two Buck Clayton CDs (from when Buck was only arranging and conducting) and the two Count Basie tribute discs are real nice, with some fine, still going strong even though he was near the end, Billy Mitchell solos.

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Both Wycliffe Gordon and the New York All-Stars have some real gems on this label. Randy Sandke & the Inside Out Jazz Collective have a good one as well (though it's a little bit "out there"--Scott Robinson plays both theremin & contrabass sax, two instruments you don't run across too often!)

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Besides the latest Harrison - glad to hear you like it, c-ball-a - I have Eric Reed's "Happiness" - which is just what the title implies, excellent inspired good spirited modern jazz, interesting arrangements, traditional but by no means dated. Excellent sound, too.

I will check out that organ trio disc on Monday and post my impressions here.

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There are many very nice CDs on Nagel-Heyer. Most of them are in the mainstream/swing style.

I like the Coleman Hawkins influenced playing of British tenor player Danny Moss. He is leader on these 4 CDs.

Weaver Of Dreams


Keeper Of The Flame

Steam Power

Here are a couple of other things worth considering.

Zoot Sims - love For Sale

recorded live in Dublin in 1978 with a good local rhythm section.

Randy Sandke - Cliffhanger

An excellent date with Harry Allen, Mulgrew Miller, Peter Washington and Kenny Washington

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I bought some Nagel Heyers a few years ago but eventually ended up selling most of them. I've kept Sandke's Bix cd, but haven't listened to it in awhile. I can't seem to warm to neoclassicism in jazz, though I'd like to.

That's been my problem, too - the "neoclassics" thing - and why my initial thrill at seeing the label on emu has cooled a bit after hearing some samples. I did d/l the Sandke/Inside-Out thing and am really digging that one though.

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