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A greazzzy jazz mix CD


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A friend of mine seems to be open to jazz, and I told him I would make a mix CD for him with some songs he might like.


What I know about his tastes are that he bought one of those late 60s/early 70's Grant Green compilations that were recently released by BN and enjoyed. He has listened to and likes Soulive and St. Germain (I have never heard of St. Germain). My general impression of his music tastes are that he is into the jam band / groove stuff and could be looking to branch out, especially with some organ-based soul jazz.

My ideas:

I have always been awful at making mixes since my own preference is to listen to albums in their entirety, but here's what I plan to include thus far:

Weather Report - Birdland

Medeski Martin & Wood - Where's Sly? (or anything, really off of the It's a Jungle in Here album)

Herbie Hancock - Wiggle-Waggle (from the Fat Albert Rotunda)

Stanley Turrentine - Sugar

Cannonball Adderley - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Grant Green - A Wee Bit of Green (off Grant's First Stand w/ Baby Face Willette)

Jimmy Smith - The Sermon (I know it's long)

Wayne Shorter - Adam's Apple (I had to include at least one thing slightly subversive :D )

What I'm soliciting:

This will probably end up at about two CDs (especially with the Sermon on there). Is there anything else you guys can suggest? I am looking for maybe five or six mainly soul-jazz or VERY accessible jazz (especially organ-based) that could hook him in. Another JOS song would probably be in order as well...

Thanks in advance.

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I'd definately put on some of Lou Donaldson's boogaloo beats, any of them would do but top of my list would be either Alligator Boogalo or Midnight Creeper or Brother Soul. Perhaps a Lonnie Smith like "Play It Back" from Live at Club Mozambique. And some Charles Earland, perhaps the title cut from Black Talk.

I might keep it on the funkier side since that's where's he coming from initially and these guys are the fountainhead of organ funk. Once he here's Earland or Lonnie Smith burning it up, they others will sound like fake-funk.

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How about some Boogaloo Joe Jones? Snake rhythm rock?

For a Lou Donaldson cut for this friend, I think I'd go for Bag of jewels; the groove on that is CRAZY!

Les McCann/Eddie Harris - Compared to what

Gene Ammons - Big bad Jug

David Newman - Captain buckles

Jazz Crusaders - Ooga-boogaloo (from Lighthouse '68)

For Jimmy Smith, I think The sermon is wrong for a funk fan - Root down will get him going better, or Papa's got a brand new bag or even Honky Tonk

For Earland, Black talk is fine, but Mr Magic would be even better

Finally, well not really, but

Groove Holmes - Gemini


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As far as something 'subersive' is concerned--Wayne's had some harder joints (than 'Adam's Apple')... I was recently marveling at just how groove-heavy 'Etcetera' is--not just funky, but tough. Four-square beats are perfect foundations for 'forward-looking' jazz improv, as everyone from MMW, Miles, and even Fred Frith will attest. Some more progressive Lee Morgan work might be applicable here, and especially later Andrew Hill (something like 'Lift Every Voice' or 'Dance With Death'). And--this might be pushing it (the albums are hard to find, regardless)--but check out the Free Funk thread somewhere in recs.

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A few more to consider...

Les McCann & Eddie Harris: Cold Duck Time and/or Compared To What (Swiss Movement)

Charles Earland: More Today Than Yesterday (Black Talk)

Jimmy Smith: Let's Stay Together (Root Down)

Wes Montgomery: Tequila and/or Bumpin' On Sunset (Tequila)

Kenny Burrell: Chitlin's Con Carne and/or Midnight Blue (Midnight Blue)

Willie Bobo: Spanish Grease (Spanish Grease)

Stanley Turrentine: Trouble No. 2 (Hustlin')

Herbie Mann: Comin' Home Baby (Live At The Village Gate)

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