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10 favorite jazz albums


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I usually don't give a hoot about these lists, but someone forwarded this list to me and I thought it was different. I'll post it without comment, except to say that I own NONE of these - #1 is in my yourmusic queue, and #2 is one of those records that are so famous that I haven't bought it yet.


1. Ornette Coleman, The Shape of Jazz to Come (1959)

2. John Coltrane, Giant Steps (1960)

3. Albert Ayler, Spriitual Unity (1964)

4. Sun Ra, Space is the Place (1972)

5. Django Reinhart, In Solitaire (2002, recorded 1937-1950)

6. Mulatu Astatke, Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale 1969-74 (1998)

7. Masada, Live in Jerusalem (1999)

8. Chicago Underground Trio, Possible Cube (1999)

9. Marc Ribot, Saints (2001)

10. Eddie Palmieri, Salsa Legende (2003, recorded 1964-2003)

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No "hipster" about it - mine would include some oddball ringers and no KOB!

I think any jazz aficionado's list would include some surprising titles, but given that this appears to be a student mag, there aren't really that many eye-opening titles here, or at least to me. (i'd say the Django and Palmieri titles are actually the most surprising ones). This might be overstating it, but I think I might know more people in my age bracket who own Sun Ra, Ayler or Zorn albums than KOB, so I don't really find this list to be all too surprising.

Didn't mean to imply these are bad records in any way, though.. I own six out of 10 myself.

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This list reminds me that a considerable amount of my favorite jazz is from the pre-album era. That is to say, was not initially released on LP. I mean, you can't really call a collection of Armstrong's Hot Fives and Sevens an album because it's a compilation of 78's. Same for the Blanton/Webster era of the Ellington band, the pre-Atomic Basie, etc, etc.

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