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The all "Hello Kitty" thread...

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OK, this last one takes the fucking cake. I think it's real...


Check out the tiny logo in the middle of the handle -- :wacko::wacko::wacko:

The site describes it thusly: "Hello Kitty Hi Capacity .45"

More text from the site: "Clarence is well known in Hong Kong and Japan for the beautiful and high performance guns he made. Other than a air-soft / model gunsmith, Clarence is also a well known BBIPSC shooter in Hong Kong. He had joined major IPSC competitions in Hong Kong, Japan and Philipines using either air-soft gun or real gun. Let's look at his work!!"

Link: http://www.dentrinity.com/ClarenceLai/cl.htm

Scroll down to the tiny picture of the "Hello Kitty .45", that looks like this.


I'll be fuck, but I think it's the real deal. :rfr:rfr:rfr

That's it for now. Good night... More tomorrow, maybe...

Edit (March, 2005): Couldn't bear for this one to go the way of the dead link (as so many others have done in this thread), so here 'tis again...

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Rooster, since I'm a relative newcomer to this site, I have no idea as to your marital status, etc. However, as a father and grandfather, I can safely state that if you're not already a father, you're a "marked man" once you become one. :rolleyes: If you're a father, you have grandfatherly duties awaiting, etc.

I can't/won't address the weaponry displayed here.

Rooster, what was your initial interest in Hello Kitty?

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Golden Arm, I love those two drum-theme "Kello Kitty" images. Simply priceless!! (Jaw-droppingly funny!! :g:g:g )

Rooster, what was your initial interest in Hello Kitty?

Late last night I was doing a Google search for god-knows-what, for an image to support something else I was trying to post. I think it was a cat image I was looking for, though now I can't even remember why I was looking for such a thing.

Anyway, I saw a handful of "Hello Kitty" images in my search results, and I simply typed in "Hello Kitty" into the handy-dandy Google image-searcher, and BAM - there were hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of crazy matches.

Page, after page, after page - and every page had at least one or two that were really kinda disturbing. So, merely as a public service, I thought it best to collect up the best of what I could find, and post them all here for my fellow asylum members to enjoy.

I think it was the one with the "Hello Kitty" toilet paper that gave me the urge to start the thread.

I'm feeling much better now, thank you. :w

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