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"Clark's Last Leap: Sonny Clark 1961-62"

ghost of miles

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The second day I was in America in 1954..I went down the block in Jackson Heights, Queens, with my mother and saw this store on the corner... walked in and asked my mother to buy me a candy bar...I had never tasted a candy bar before...it was a Clark bar.....the taste still stays with me from that first bite...America!

I go once a year by that store, now it is a stationery store or something, and relive that moment.

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I enjoyed this a lot David. I've always had a soft spot for Sonny, especially the "Leapin' and Lopin'" album.

Cook & Morton said that on parts of "Cool Struttin" the music "practically levitates", and I absolutely know what they mean, though not necessarily with regard to that record. Some Sonny Clark solos have that effect on me eg on "Voodoo" (Leapin'), "It Ain't Necessarily So", and "Softly As In A Morning Sunrise" (Sonny Clark Trio).

Another thing I love about Sonny is his quotations. I'm sure other musicians do them just as often and as well, if not better, but Sonny always makes them sound warm and funny.

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Hard to believe this guy lived in stairwells or park benches in between the great recording sessions.

What a fucked up country the U.S. is! A fantastic guy like that! And Britney is stinking rich. "Gimmie Gimmie".

Truly, New York's No Lark.

At that time, Bill Evans was said to be getting his electricity from an outlet outside his apartment door. Fortunately, Helen Keane rescued him and hooked him up with Creed Taylor.

And, back in the Birth of the Cool days, Gil Evans' New York apartment had no heat!

Sonny's solos are hypnotic, like someone said. Especially on "Leapin' and Lopping", which is one of my favorite albums ever, and certainly my favorite Clark.

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