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  1. I've had this set since it came out and have utterly failed to enjoy it over the years. A bit of judicious editing (the vocals and Satin Doll-which I cannot seem to like) and it's pretty listenable. I've played this one so infrequently the top is still 100% affixed to the rest of the box-a rarity for Mosaics of this vintage in my collection.
  2. Ethan Iverson mentioned the second of these in passing recently. I realized that I inevitably reach for the Fats Navarro related Tadd Dameron, but now these are getting some play.
  3. This is a go-to for me: I love those Duke Pearson arrangements with Lee.
  4. Jim Duckworth

    Tiny Parham

    Tiny Parham was a Chicago based bandleader, composer, and arranger. If I remember correctly he arranged some music for a Jelly Roll Morton recording date-but I could have this backwards. I really like the New Orleans born Punch Miller on trumpet on about half of these sides. The Timeless release is excellent front to back.
  5. There is a version of Born on the Bayou by Creedence with Booker T and the MG's on the extra tack laden version of Cosmo's Factory.
  6. My old buddy Bob Palmer gave me a cassette tape with this on it nearly forty years ago-it continues to work for me.
  7. Low Down has also been made into a film.
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