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  1. Fletcher Henderson, Bob Crosby, or Lionel Hampton's big band recordings.
  2. Not the kind of thing I usually watch, but it was strongly recommended by my older son. I liked it quite a bit even though there are some (what I take to be) action movie cliches that I do not care for.
  3. I've been listening to this music for a very long time and find that I'm enjoying it more than ever.
  4. I really love the combination of Jackie Mclean with Kenny Dorham-they were on a roll with Matador and Inta Something and then this. Rereading the booklet with the Tina Brooks Mosaic set, it explains that Jackie shelved this date because he was excited about his working group with Bobby Hutcherson and Grachan Moncur.
  5. This looks exceptionally groovy. I know I will dig it.
  6. L I've purchased this music (quite) a few times since the late '70's-This is hands down my favorite edition.
  7. Exactly. I am not an audiophile but distortion is clearly evident on those.
  8. I was thrilled to get the RCA box but disappointed that there was distortion marring two of my favorite tracks. I am going to look into The Fremeaux set...
  9. Yes! I thought I was just going to listen to disc 1 as a start but ended up listening to the entire performance. Fantastic.
  10. "Special guest Jim Spake, a Memphis saxophone mainstay, is heard on soprano sax on the title track." That's my guy! jd
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