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  1. Hello. I too preordered on the first day using Paypal and have heard nothing from Mosaic. I followed your advice and hope this gets that box rolling my way. thank you, jd
  2. I can only hope that Craft sees fit to continue this sort of reissue project in the future with other Prestige artists (and perhaps more generous playing times).
  3. There are a dozen tunes by The Billy Butterfield Jazz Band on this set...
  4. Of course, you are correct...I'm giving it to Jeff Beck, today at least, for predating Hendrix.
  5. Rough and Ready is my favorite Jeff Beck album proper. I saw this group from about 20 feet away when I was 14. I am hard pressed to name another sixties rock guitarist as original, creative, and influential.
  6. But I'm here to tell you there's something else The afterworld A world of never ending happiness You can always see the sun, day or night Prince is good for the odd religious lyric-sometimes in unexpected places. The above comes from Let's Go Crazy.
  7. Hard to believe that this came out 31 plus years ago...also that Tom Waits guests on two songs.
  8. They have a great Christmas song:
  9. Love the Tadd Dameron broadcast included on this-Wardell and Allen Eager.
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