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MLB 2014 Season - Always Take Your Glove To The Ballpark!


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National League man here. Will root for Giants!

Just can't get too excited about the Giants, they sure know how to win though! No Lincecum(I assume? at least not a major role) and no Matt Cain, and still going to the W.S. Have to root for the Royals this time....Giants do have a thing about winning it all every even year....lately

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I see that the World Series earthquake was 25 years ago today. Sure doesn't seem like it.

Was in Berkeley when it happened, I remember people in the streets right afterwards, and the smoke you could see across the Bay Area. I was under a desk, asking God to cool it (actually, I was telling him).

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Royals forgot their math tonight. 2-2 does not equal 3.-2, and 4-1 does not equal 13-4. Laugh before breakfast, cry before supper, my grandma always said.

Under normal conditions, I'd say advantage, Giants, but let's see which team is 3-2 going back to KC first. And even then...

But geez, get the math right, Royals.

OTOH, Hunter Pence is a lot of fun to watch. But so is Lorenzo Cain!

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