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I feel a little funny presenting a blindfold test right now - I used to participate just about every month, but haven't done so in a while now. But for what it's worth, here's what I'm planning for November.

My tastes are so eclectic - old New Orleans jazz to avant-garde and in between - that just about every participant has hated something on my BFTs. So I'm trying something different. I'm going to present four blindfold tests, each 20-25 minutes. Every participant will be given the download links to all four, but can listen and comment on only the ones he or she wishes - just one or all four. I'll start a separate discussion thread for each, unless Hot Ptah tells me that's too unwieldy. You don't have to tell me in this thread in which you want to participate, only that you want to participate.

The four BFTs are:

Moldy Fig Jam (New Orleans and early jazz)

Straight, No Chaser (mainstream jazz)

The Freedom Principle (avant-garde)

Rara Avis (rare, little-known tracks of various types, but mostly kind of mainstream).

Sign up and you'll have access to all four - then choose which one(s) you want to participate in.



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I finished putting this BFT together today, and I'm pretty happy with it. The mainstream section is 26 minutes long, and the others are each 21 minutes long - so you can participate with a pretty minimal time investment if you wish.

The Rara Avis section has six tracks, transferred from LP, 45, and 78. These tracks are way obscure; I would be surprised if anyone here has heard any of them. (I would love to be proved wrong.) But I can pretty much guarantee that you'll be knocked out by some of them.

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