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Please Vote! Should the Blindfold Test Be Discontinued?

Hot Ptah

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19 hours ago, Homefromtheforest said:

In my defence it was only 2 discs by about 1 or 2 mins ;)  

I think it was just over 80!

But yeah I'll try to keep it around an hour next time 

No need for defense, I love your BFT's!

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As I have stated in a new topic, we now have enough Blindfold Test presenters to fill up 2016. Thanks so much all of those who volunteered for this year!

With our new volunteers, here is our presenter list for the rest of 2016:

March              Hot Ptah

April                Dan Gould

May                homefromtheforest

June               mjzee

July                Thom Keith

August           Joe

September     The Magnificent Goldberg

October         JSngry

November     clifford_thornton

December     felser


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On March 3, 2016 at 4:18 PM, Spontooneous said:

The idea of a length limit, say eight or ten cuts, is appealing.

The single CD idea also appeals to me, particularly where we are having issues getting people to present.  That just means you already have another test ready to go.  Limiting to once every 12 months was also a good idea, if we can keep that going.  If not, well, that'd be the first thing I'd wave.  As for why, it's preference more than anything.  Keeps the test focused and interesting and increases the likelihood of participation.  Some people are definitely intimidated by a longer test.

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We are keeping it to one BFT per year, per presenter. I try to keep it to 12 months apart for each presenter, but have relaxed that a few times to get enough presenters.

I try to present a BFT every year, and it is surprising how quickly the next one comes around. It can be good to have some songs saved from the last time you worked on it.

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47 minutes ago, The Magnificent Goldberg said:

I've got lists upon lists of cuts I wanted to put in but never did. Often, they fit with a subsequent BFT.

Perhaps I agonise too much about what should go in? (Last time I excluded a nice Ben E King cut with good work by Sweets Edison.)


Well, put that Ben E. King with Sweets Edison in this time. I am going to remember that you said that, and then I will get at least one guess correct!

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