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Return Of The Film Corner Thread

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The Shape Of Water - Guillermo del Toro (2017)



Beauty & The Beast retold as Amelie meets The Creature From The Black Lagoon.

It should be seen on a big screen.

It was visually very good.

It was peppered with many beautifully stylish flourishes and references that should amuse film addicts.

Sally Potter pulls off the difficult mute role with great style.

Michael Shannon plays another memorable evildoer.

It really didn't amount to a great deal in the end.

It didn't think it was as good as Pan's Labyrinth, Devil's Backbone or Crimson Peak.

I thought it was solid but the effusive praise is puzzling.

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5 hours ago, BillF said:



Darkest Hour - Joe Wright (2017)


It brought to mind Iron Lady and The Queen, fair to middling films with majestic lead performances.

May as well Fedex Gary his Oscar now, he was an outstandingly good Churchill.

Unfortunately the rest of the film didn't really do justice to his brilliant performance.

The cast were all good but the narrative of Churchill vs the sue for peace faction didn't really work imo.

The Underground scene was unreal, in the literal sense of the word.

I did like the dark and gloomy recreation of the subterranean government HQ, and the house of commons chamber.

Definitely not a masterpiece but Gary was masterly.

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We saw "Darkest Hour" last night; both enjoyed it.  Oldman is great, although he is constrained in his role by having to act with Churchill's mannerism and speech.  Perhaps all the actors recreating the famous in this film had to do this, but it's doubtful that the public remembers how, say, Neville Chamberlain or the Earl of Halifax looked and spoke, so those actors had more freedom and leeway.  And then, of course, there were the minor and fictional characters, as in the Underground scene that kinuta mentioned, but I think they were necessary to leaven the pace and add interest; without them, the movie would be a bunch of British politicians and the King pontificating at each other.  I liked the Underground scene as it added a dose of humanity, and helped to show the character of the British populace.  Also, for me, it had the ring of truth, as the British truly did show resolve and "a stiff upper lip" during this time of extreme crisis.  Ben Mendelsohn was very good as King George VI, as were Kristin Scott Thomas and the other actors (I couldn't resist mentioning "The English Patient" to my wife when Thomas was on camera).

We saw "The King's Speech" a few years before, and I loved how it helped me to understand the King's character in this film.  And I loved how the movie, and indeed the course of history, were shaped by the King looking out upon London and saying (something like) "I've become aware of a feeling of anger within me."  How British!

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2 hours ago, sidewinder said:

Any good? I have a cinema ticket to use up and remember the 24/7 news coverage of this story in North America back in the day..

We liked it. Allison Janney is really good. The conspirators are morons. Margot Robbie is first rate. Lots of pop music of the era.

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