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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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3 hours ago, jazzcorner said:

👍😁 Braff & Pizzarelli ---> always a good sounding combination

😁👍 You cant have enough "Silver'.

This box is really good




2 hours ago, EKE BBB said:



1 hour ago, John Tapscott said:

See the source image


16 minutes ago, Peter Friedman said:

Pre-Blue Note Jackie McLean frequently has a Soulful Rough and Tumble quality that I find highly appealing. Bill Hardman is another of my favorites. Along with Freddie Hubbard and Lee Morgan, Hardman is at the top of the Hard Bop class among trumpet players of his generation.

This album along with the other pre-Blue Note Art Blakey sessions has a warm place on my listening agenda. 



A favorite album from a favorite Messengers band. 👍

4 minutes ago, BillF said:




A favorite album from a favorite Messengers band. 👍

Some really good stuff being played today!

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13 hours ago, BillF said:


The interesting thing is that the first "Walkin" I heard was one of the live versions of the "2nd Quintet" that means with Herbie, Ron, Tony, which I played over and over again when I was a kid.

So when I bought a then available Prestige Double album of pre-first-quintet Davis recordings I was kinda puzzled that it´s  such a relaxed medium tempo. Then, in my early youth I didn´t find it as exiting as the herbie-tony-ron-thing. 

As I said, that´s a generation thing.....

The "second quintet" walkin´ seemed to be a hit of my generation, everybody hummed it and said it´s fast and strong. 
Once when I lived with my 10years elder sister she had called a craftman  to fix something in the 1st floor and I was up in my room and had Davis second quintet, maybe just "Walkin" spinnin and as always during that time, very very loud.

And later my sister came up and said "that craftman  said "wow, great music you are spinnin´"
I asked her "why didn´t you send him up ?" 

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3 hours ago, Dodo said:

Some criminally underheard mid 50s cool jazz, wonderful arrangements and the original compositions are pretty fantastic.


Now listening.

But who is "Fudd Gumjaw"?

6 hours ago, mjzee said:



9 hours ago, John Tapscott said:

Miles Davis - Round About Midnight [New CD] Rmst - Picture 1 of 1


Now playing:


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product image 1

Jose James "Yesterday I had the Blues: the Music of Billie Holiday" Blue Note Japan SHM-CD (2022 reissue)

This is one of those rare releases that I didn't think I would fall in love with when it was first released but I did and I still think it's both a great slab of music and a great recording.

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