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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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Gunter Hampel Quintet: Heartplants. MPS POCJ-2672 [1999]

Rec. Jan. 30, 1965

Personnel: Gunter Hampel (vib, fl, ld), Manfred Schoof (tp), Alexander von Schlippenbach (p), Buschi Niebergall (b), Pierre Courbois (dr)

Note: 35 years later, on November 11, 2000, there was a reunion on stage at the 23rd Göttingen Jazz Festival. Only Buschi Niebergall, he died January 8, 1990, was replaced by Jan Roder (b).



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15 hours ago, Peter Friedman said:


I think I heard this one some years ago. Sure the trumpet player has a lot of technique, but I think I remember he sounds a little nervous, too many notes, not really leaving space. A lot of Clifford Brown Followers did this. Donald Byrd not sooo much, Lee Morgan found his own style very early......, even if you play the fastest stuff you got to leave some space. 

5 minutes ago, BillF said:


I think I picked that up at some Metro Station where they had some jazz cds and I browsed thru them. 
It seemed to be a previously unissued session. The first tune I think had something to do with an animal farm, it had some animal sounds imitated by the horns. My wife heard it and says it is funny. 

I don´t remember the rest of it, only that it must have been one of the very last dates where Paul Chambers plays. He doesn´t sound as sure and strong like he used to be. I think he might have been very sick already and quite out of work, that´s how he sounds, exhausted, unsure, uncomfortable, and it also seems to be a cheaper bass. 

15 hours ago, Jim Duckworth said:

Tadd Dameron - Fontainebleau - Amazon.com MusicThe Magic Touch (album) - Wikipedia

Ethan Iverson mentioned the second of these in passing recently.  I realized that I inevitably reach for the Fats Navarro related Tadd Dameron, but now these are getting some play.

Me too: The 1947/48 stuff for Savoy and BN seems to be the best, and the live stuff from the Roost of course. The instrumentations, the solos, the compositions, and Tadd´s own nice little piano inputs, and as an arranger all the stuff he did for the Dizzy Bigband and the Billy Eckstine Big Band. 

I have the impression that later he slowed down and his compositions got more smooth, I don´t get the kick out of it,  that I would get when playing "Our Delight" "Hot House" etc. 

The "Fountainbleau" is nice, but never really exited me. I like the "Mating Call" better. 
And the "Magic Touch" sounds more like a ghost band since Tadd obviously was very sick already and couldn´t play himself. And again a lot of the tunes are more a smooth easy listening. 

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