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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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5 hours ago, duaneiac said:

Finally finished listening to the unabridged (18 1/2 hours!) audiobook version of Elvis Costello's memoir Unfaithful Music& Disappearing Ink.  On the hole, it was an interesting listen.  He has had musical collaborations with some legendary figures:  Paul MCartney, Bob Dylan, Tony Bennett, George Jones, Allen Toussaint and Burt Bacharach not to mention encounters with the likes of Chet Baker, Solomon Burke, Emmy Lou Harris, Johnny Cash, Joni Mitchell, Roy Orbison, Anne Sofie von Otter, Questlove and Van Morrison to name a few.  One would have to have at least a passing interest in Mr. Costello's music to really appreciate this book, but the tales he has to tell about all these musical collaborators are very entertaining and sometimes enlightening.

I really enjoyed hearing the book performed by the author.  His tone of voice at times really reflected the respect and admiration he had for some of those legends.  At times, his tone shows bemusement or disbelief at the stupidity of some of his youthful indiscretions.  His voice cracks as he recounts the scene of his father's passing (he passed away while listening to a recording of Clifford Brown playing "Yesterdays" -- we should all be so lucky when our time comes).  In talking about the second and final breakup of his band The Attractions, he notes, "You know that thing Neil Sedaka said -- (his voice dropping to a whisper) -- it's not true!"  One of my favorite anecdotes was about an appearance at a music festival following Bob Dylan.  Elvis Costello had toured as the opening act for Bob Dylan a few years before, but at this festival for what ever reason, Bob Dylan went on at 8 PM and Elvis Costello at 10 PM.  From their tour today, Mr. Costello knew that Mr. Dylan's concerts could be erratic affairs as the singer often went out of his way to play some of his more obscure tunes instead of just the hits.  But at this concert, he played almost exclusively one legendary hit after another, the band's solos were kept tight and they ended with three encores..  As Bob Dylan came off the stage, he saw Mr. Costello standing in the wings and came up to him smiling, saying, "There ya go -- I softened 'em up for ya!"

There is, of course, some mention of Diana Krall and it provides a different view of her than most of us, like her or hate her, have ever had before.  I'll admit, I never expected that marriage to last, but here they are 14 years later and he still sounds very much in love and very grateful to have her (and their sons) as part of his life.


Thanks for that. The Kindle of the book has been sitting on my Galaxy pad for months. I must get round to reading it.

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