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Big Ears Festival


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Reservations for 6 (wild guess) made for 11:00 am Friday and 10:45 Saturday and Sunday at Tupelo Honey in the name of Organissimo Forum.

My early thoughts:

12 Fleck
1 Messthetics or David Torn
2 Larry Grenadier
3:30 Halvorson
5:30  Towner
7 Parker Schlippenbach
8 maybe Spiritualized
9:00 Absint
11:00 Fire
12:00 maybe Jlin

12:30 Columbia Icefield
2: maybe short visit to Berne
2:30 Wadada
4: maybe short visit to Avishai Cohen
4:30 Evan Parker
5:30 Carla Bley in progress
6:30 Thumbscrew (Halvorson) or Bela
7:30 Dejohnette
9:30 Makaya McCraven
11:00 Bill Frisell in progress
12:00 Sons of Kemet

1:00 Vijay and Craig
1:30-2:00 Richard Thompson
3:30 Nik Bartsch's Ronin
4-4:30 Bill Frisell
5-5:30 Gabriel Kahane or Brooklyn Rider
6:00 Wadada
7:00 Sun of Goldfinger (Berne)
8:00 AEOC
9:30 Maybe Harold Budd in progress


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Can someone please share the entire Big Ears daily schedule?  Or point to a location where I can see it.

For some reason, I CAN'T see it on the Big Ears site.  When I click on the Line Up and Schedule links, all I get is a screen prompting me to sign up for their newsletter -- which I've already done!

It's frustrating as hell (says the old fart with technology challenges). 


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1 hour ago, kh1958 said:

I cannot view the schedule when using a Windows computer which employs internet explorer.

On my home computer, a Mac using Safari, the schedule is viewable.

Also, I can view it on my iPhone.

So you might try viewing it through your phone.

Thanks, kh. I can see the info on my mobile phone.

Whoever designed the site needs to do a better job of testing with different Web browsers!  Apparently, IE and Chrome users aren't welcome. ;) 

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The Big Ears Festival App has now been updated for 2019.

Also, there have been changes to the schedule.


Now tentatively considering the following schedule:


7-8: Bill Frisell and Thomas Morgan, Standard

8:30-9:30: Derek Gripper, Knoxville Museum of Art

10-11: Artifacts Trio, St. John's


12-1: Bela Fleck and Edmar Castaneda, St. John's

2-3: Larry Grenadier, St. John's

4-5: Shai Maestro, St. John's

5:30-6:30: Ralph Towner, St. John's

7-8: ABSINT, Standard

8:45-9:45: David Torn, Standard

12-1: Fire!, Standard


12-1: Columbia Icefield, Standard

2-3: Wadada Leo Smith, Standard

4-5: Thumbscrew, Standard

5-6:15: Carla Bley Trio, Tennessee Theater

6:15-7:15: Tim Berne, Bijou Theater

7:45-9: DeJohnette Coltrane Garrison, Tennessee Theater

9:30-11: Makaya McCraven, Mill and Mine

12-1: Sons of Kemet, Mill and Mine


1-2: Vijay Iyer and Craig Taborn, Tennessee Theater


Edited by kh1958
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6 hours ago, randyhersom said:

I have marked up a Google Map indicating many venues in red.  It's too large for direct posting here.  If anyone wants to provide the steps to host and link it instead or message me an email to send it to, I'd be happy to share it.

I wonder why THEY didn't put one on the website? :blink:

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2 minutes ago, Chuck Nessa said:

Bummer of the week - Alex Schlippenbach failed to obtain a visa and is not here.

I’ve heard. Many are very dissapointed, I’m sure. I am. Would have been my first time seeing the great pianist since 2003.

Waiting to find out if Evan & Paul are still coming to NYC and playing as a duo on Monday night. If anyone hears anything let me know. No one at Roulette seems to know. 

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Sad about Schlippenbach. Consoled by the music of Wadada, Bill Frisell, Ralph Towner, Mary Halvorson, International Contemporary Ensemble playing Anna Thorvoldsdottir, Bela Fleck, Brooklyn Rider........and more + the weather is perfect, the audiences are filled with attentive music lovers and the people in Knoxville are nice 

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here is an update re Mr Schlippenbach's attempts to invade the country. was looking forward to hear them we. no updates yet from constellation

Tonight at ROULETTE: EVAN PARKER / MATTHEW SHIPP / PAUL LYTTON at 8pm! Alexander von Schlippenbach was supposed to play but was denied a Visa. No one knows why Mr. Schlippenbach was denied a Visa but we can imagine. EVAN PARKER & PAUL LYTTON rarely make their way to New York so..
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