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FS/FT: Duke Ellington Centennial Edition: The Complete RCA/Victor Recordings

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Hey gang,

One more to put up for sale or trade. This is the big, beautiful 24-disc set of Duke Ellington's Complete RCA Victor Recordings. The box is in EX/Like New condition, with one tiny scuff on the upper right hand corner of the cover. The discs and sleeves are all in like-new condition. The book is in Acceptable condition. The issue is that some of the pages in the middle of the book are loose due to the binding coming undone there. But the book is complete...everything that should be there is there. And there are no marks or rips or tears or any other issues with the book. 

I am selling this for $225, including shipping. I will also trade for music of comparable value. (I am mainly looking for Mosaic sets...if you have any to trade please let me know.) 

PM if interested. Thanks!

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I already have this great set or else I would jump on your offer.

For anyone who might be interested, please know that the binding of the book is lousy, so don't let the condition of the book be a deterrent - if you're lucky enough to find this set with the book still in pristine condition, I doubt that it would be long before it started falling apart once you began thumbing through it. (My father (and I don't know how many generations of his ancestors) was in the printing industry, and when I purchased this set shortly after its release he was quick to point out the issues with the binding.)

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There was a discussion here about the lousy binding. I gently tore them all out, removed the glue strips and keep them as loose leaves between the booklet covers. 

That said, the box is great and someone should grab it at that price! The perfect  complement to the Mosaic boxes.

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