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"Our Delight: The Music Of Tadd Dameron" on Night Lights

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14 hours ago, Teasing the Korean said:

A name-dropping former music professor, upon flubbing the chords to "Lady Bird:"  "Tadd would kill me if he heard that!"

Yeah, his chords and his voicings were unique. He could make a small band (with Fats Navarro, Allen Eager, Curley Russell and Kenny Clarke) sound like a larger group. 
For example "Our Delight". I can´t read more than the basics of chords progressions but I played it from ear and got those voicings even if I had to play it in trio. The way you lay the chords, the punctations, and it will sound like a "mini orchestra"......

And of course his out-chorusses, where he replaces the theme melody with a new line, you hear it on "Good Bait" , on "Our Delight" ....wonderful.....

Somewhere I told the story about me and a bunch of fellow teenagers sharing the passion for jazz, how we "discovered" Tadd Dameron. 
It was around 1977 when that Miles Davis - Tadd Dameron in Paris 1949 came out and despite the terrible sound quality we dug it. And when I discovered the "Mating Call" - Tadd with Trane and told other kids that this Tadd Dameron played with Miles AND Trane, those who only knew Miles and Trane answered "if you say he played with Miles and Trane or they played for him, he must be a "big chief". And later we had fun humming his themes and his out-chorusses while sittin in the boat , fishing for trout. 

And for me Tadd Dameron is also a very unique pianist. That short solos are little "miniatura art pieces" as a friend of mine who also discovered Tadd thru me stated and damn right he was....

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