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John L

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1 hour ago, sonnymax said:

You're a very forgiving person.

Honestly I was very upset when it happened. But I realized there is a lot of music available on Apple Music to get me by and I still have access to the music just not as conveniently. Plus more obscure stuff seems to appear all the time. 

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On 5/31/2022 at 8:04 PM, sonnymax said:

Apple dropped DRM from the iTunes music library in 2009. For tracks purchased before then, there are ways to kill the DRM. 

I recall that when Apple dropped DRM, it offered to convert my DRM files into unrestricted files for $600.  Yea, thanks.  It was kind of astonishing given the fact that the unrestricted files were then selling for the exact same price that I had already paid Apple for the DRM files.   I ended up converting most of them myself, although the sound quality of many of them was already pretty dated.  

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