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"Live Bird Is The Best Bird" by Mark Stryker

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17 minutes ago, JSngry said:

Mark said:

I just want to know what it was like to experience the intensity of that sound and creativity in person, to feel the air move in the room when he played the alto saxophone.

According to Tony Bennett, it made him vomit.

Don't be like Tony Bennett.

Just so no one gets the wrong impression, what he said was  "Yeah, I regurgitated. It was so phenomenal, so emphatic … It was more music than I ever heard anyone play at one time. I just couldn't believe how great it was."

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14 hours ago, JSngry said:

Right, that's all part of the story.

But still, don't be like Tony Bennett.

Or like Rob Lowe, for that matter. Don't be like Rob Lowe.

I would not like to be like any part of the essence of Rob Lowe. But Tony Bennett? There's part of his essence that I wouldn't mind emulating, though not the vomiting part. Speaking of vomiting, I once saw Richie Cole throw up in a drinking fountain off to the side and back of the bandstand during a set he was playing at a jazz festival in a hotel setting. It wasn't like a lot of puke but it was definitely enough of a taste that nobody was using that drinking fountain after it happened.. 

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2 hours ago, Mark Stryker said:

Just so I'm straight, it's ok to be like the Robe Lowe with Direct TV but I should not be like the Rob Lowe with cable? When did the world get so fucking complicated?

When you hear Bird in person for the first time, don't be like Tony Bennett.

That's as simple as it needs to be.

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