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Octopuses are jerks!


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Octopuses Punch Fish, Sometimes For No Apparent Reason

What have eight legs, hunt among a group of fish and can throw a mean sucker punch?

According to research published in Ecology last week, the answer would be octopuses (yes, octopuses, not octopi—we asked).

Octopuses punch fish. Deliberately. Sometimes there's a reason, but other times, there's no discernible excuse. Researchers caught this behavior on video.

The first time researcher Eduardo Sampaio witnessed this phenomenon, he laughed. Normally that'd be fine but at the time he was underwater wearing scuba equipment. "I almost choked on my regulator" ...

NPR article

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Maybe fish be overbearingly passive-agressive in ways that only water can accurately elocute. Has anybody asked the octopi why they do that? Typical human assumptionalism.

OTOH, I gladly eat them both, so I guess I am punishing them both, the way only a human can do. I mean, I don't eat no bear, or anything like that.

Either way, oop boop dittum dattum waddum CHEW.

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52 minutes ago, Dave James said:

For those who are on the fence with regard to Octopi or Octopuses, and need some enlightenment, might I suggest "My Octopus Teacher" now airing on Netflix.  When you're finished, you won't care about proper "pluraling", you'll just be be entranced and fascinated by what you've just seen.

Seconded!  Great program!  :tup 


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