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Ben Stiller's 'Severance' show - Interesting Jazz-centric Soundtrack

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I stumbled across this playlist in Apple Music and stopped when I saw Joe McPhee kicked it off. I haven't seen any episodes (wiki link for the show here), and don't really know what it's about but so far I'm loving this playlist:

  • Joe McPhee - Shakey Jake
  • Yes I Can, No You Can't - Lee Morgan
  • Hub-Tones - Kamasi Washington
  • Volunteered Slavery - Roland Kirk
  • Summun, Bukmun, Umyun - Pharoah Sanders

...and further songs from Jimmy Smith, Dorothy Ashby, Jamie Branch, Albert Ayler, et. al. 


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As I understand it the series is somewhat like the work situation in Philip K. Dick's short story "Paycheck" where the people have memories of the work they do removed from them . . . and what entails as a result. I intend to get to watching the series soon. Interesting playlist that I didn't know about, bodes well for watching.

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Never saw Atlanta actually. May have to check that out. 

I started watching Severance. It's weird. One of the weirdest shows I've watched in a while and very dark literally and figuratively. While it can be compelling at times I wouldn't say it's enjoyable. 

This playlist on the other hand, is a great mix. They included Take 4 of On the Corner from the complete OTC set, some Buddy Terry and Joe Henderson among others. 

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