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Shirley Scott -- Count Basie Presents


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Does anyone have the Roulette album, Count Basie Presents the Eddie Davis Trio + Joe Newman? I'm trying to quote from Barry Ulanov's liner notes (from the discogs screen shot) and a couple of words are  too blurred.

He says:

Little Shirley Scott is an astonishing musician. She has a big man’s power at the manuals and pedals. As the (unintelligible) pours force and the rhythmic impulse gathers force, one finds it hard to believe that this girl weighs, at most, one hundred pounds. But the power, effective as it is, is not Shirley’s most compelling contribution. It is rather, I think, the surrealist (unintelligible) with which she decorates the ballads.


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Does he also say he hates organ records, but likes this one?  Hackneyed writing to be sure, so much so that it's hard to take its other faults as seriously as they may deserve.

8 hours ago, randyhersom said:

LOL.  Mansplain that to me again, Barry!

He's not talking to Shirley there, he's addressing the (potential) purchaser who he no doubt assumed was male.

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