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  2. It's easy to listen to "Straight, No Chaser" on KBCS anytime and anywhere on your favorite Internet-connected device, by navigating to the program's page in the KBCS on-line audio archive: Here is the music stored in the archive from the June 27 program, which will be available for streaming for the next two weeks: Marlene Rosenberg -- "American Violet" -- MLK Convergence -- Origin -- 2016 (N) George Cables -- "Three Views of a Secret" -- I'm All Smiles -- Highnote -- 2018 (N) Erik Skov -- "Rewake" -- Liminality -- OA2 -- 2018 (N) Dexter Gordon Quartet -- "'Round Midnight" -- At the Subway Club 1973 -- Elemental Music -- 1965 (N) Michel Petrucciani & Ron McClure -- "Cold Blues" -- Cold Blus -- Owl -- 1985 Avishai Cohen -- "Face Me" -- Arvoles -- RazDaz -- 2019 (N) Don Pullen -- "Endangered Species: African American Youth" -- Random Thoughts -- Blue Note -- 1990 Horace Silver -- "The St. Vitous Dance" -- The Trio Sides -- Blue Note -- 1959 Oscar Pettiford -- "Why Not" -- Discoveries -- Savoy Jazz -- 1956 Gust Burns -- "Improvisation #7" -- Two Trios -- (self) -- 2011 Borah Bergman -- "Spindell Kresge" -- The River of Sounds -- Boxholder -- 2000 Ken Vandermark & Pandelis Karayorgis -- "JCT (for Sal Mosca)" -- Foreground Music -- Okkadisk -- 2006 Erik Friedlander -- "Mercy Street" -- Chimera -- Disk Union -- 1995 Theo Jorgensmann Quartett -- "Tsenga" -- Ta Eko Mo -- Z.O.O./NBW -- 1997 Pat Martino -- "Never and After" -- All Sides Now -- Blue Note -- 1996 Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan -- "You Only Live Twice" -- Epistrophy -- ECM -- 2016 (N) Stan Getz Quartet -- "It's Alright With Me" -- Getz at the Gate -- Verve -- 1961 (N)
  3. Same problem here (from Germany), though I opened the page on the (US) site. Of course when I open the page on the site recognizes I am not in the US (I have bought through before) but I find this odd. Is it a kindle issue?
  4. You mean the Yamaguchi book, yes? I'm in the US and have no problem.
  5. Yes, I had the same issue (from London) and had to use my vpn before I could see the price ($29.99). It doesn’t seem to be available on
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  7. What Are You Watching

    Did anyone else see "State of the Union"? It's 10 episodes but each episode is only 10 minutes long so you can watch it all at one sitting ( or over several nights). It's got one very funny jazz joke which i don't want to give away.
  8. I'll bet that most of these musicians were approached by lawyers after the NY Times article appeared.
  9. I think so, though anything after 1980 is only covered in the introduction and he's very negative about it.
  10. She also helped Fresh Sounds release a Carmell Jones cd featuring her father. (I think he recorded it.)
  11. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Is this Dorothy Donegan ? I think I saw her live once, but IMHO she overdoes the piano a bit, very technical really, but maybe some pianists just think if the piano has 88 keys you have to play them all at once......, I like the piano more if it can also get out of the way, leaving space for the other musicians.....but if I here someone like Dorothy Donegan I always think I can imagine them as child wonders, beeing carried from one competition to the next, and then at some point they switch to "jazz"...... And maybe she was not presented were she expected to be presented, it was a small cellar club, fine but maybe not for her, she seemed to be a little lost and overdressed for that joint....... poor Mrs Donegan......
  12. went to Amazon site via link but getting "This title is not currently available for purchase" - maybe it has something to do with an out of US customer (I'm in Australia). Anyone from the states having the same issue?? I can't even get into the "sample' info
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I think it took me some time to get used to Dizzy Reece´s trumpet sound, it sound´s a bit "squeezed" . But he got really a hell of a band for that record. I think "Star Bright" and "Sounding Off" are my favourite records he made.
  14. John Szwed's "So What: The Life of MIles Davis" (2002) is my go-to Miles biography. It might not be the only Miles book you'll ever need, but it's the best written one I've yet found. Szwed is perhaps better known for his definitive biography of Sun Ra, from a few years earlier (late 90's).
  15. I think I remember having heard about Sadao Watanabe, but I am not sure in which context. Didn´t he play a very bird like altosaxophone on some Galaxy records with some US musicians. I don´t know what has happened to Galaxy, there was a whole bunch of recordings made in Japan. But I think, Watanabe made some fusion albums also, for money. And I think some Europeans knew him especially for that fusion stuff....... I saw Terumaso Hino live with Dave Liebman, can you imagine that ? About the question about pre 1975 japanese jazz.... hard to say, wasn´t the early 70´s a quite rough period for jazz with many guys having difficulties to get jobs and a lot of joints closed? But I think I remember there was a japanese guy dont remember his name, a quite long and not pronouncable name, who had a big band called "New Herd" and who recorded some tracks with US Stars in the early 70´s. He can be heard on an ill fated Mingus in Japan album from around 1971, and on a Monk album also from that period which was quite unhappy for both Monk and Mingus.....
  16. Two more Hank Mobley photos.

    wow, never saw Mobly bespectacled. Maybe on some pics with sunglasses.
  17. I don´t really understand all that discussion about Quincy Troupe´s book, since this is an old thing, I think it was published around 1989, right ? I would have liked to read that new book, but sorry to say I think I´m too conservative for Kindle. To read a book means to me to read paper format, not to press buttons. I tried Kindle, when Peter Pullman´s "book" about Bud Powell came out. I even bought that Kindle Equipment and someone told me how to handle it, but I fear I have forgotten how it has to be done, and have misplaced the Kindle Book somewhere. And the guy who was my "computer expert" died to early, so I´m alone and lost with stuff like that........ I hope, that new book will be published some time on paper format.
  18. I wondered how a Bolivian jazz (sort of) band would come to the tiny North Dallas club The Kitchen....
  19. He was a very interesting player. He worked with June Christy for a while. Hopefully his daughter will put out more of his stuff. There was a kind of underground jazz scene going on back then with cats like Bill Plummer (who eventually went on to bigger things), Bob Harris (pianist), these guys, and others I've heard on private tapes. The you tube video was put up by Dave Madden's son. I've ordered Mulligan's bio by Klinkowitz (?) to see if he has anything further about the mad Maddens...
  20. Date/Time Wed, Jun 26, 2019 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm Location The Kitchen Café Efecto Madarina Bossa Nova, Bolivian Folklore, R&B, Blues and Pop A band that started as an acid jazz band, then discovered the world of a different fusion with Bossa Nova, Bolivian Folcklore, R&B, blues and pop. They’re now one of the most popular bands in Bolivia thanks to the personality of each of the musicians who gave their essence to create their own compositions and beautiful arrangements of Bolivian folk music.
  21. Is the Chambers biography the one I should be reading rather than the Troupe book? BTW, I read "The Making of Kind of Blue" by Ashley Kahn recently, and enjoyed it quite a bit, probably more for what it offered on the process of making and marketing the album than for anything it revealed about Miles or the other musicians. The photography and layout were also very attractive.
  22. I don't know if the criteria is they have to be Japanese artists, but Mal Waldron made some fantastic albums in Japan in the early '70s (often, though, with Japanese artists).
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