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  1. Hacked/Redirected/WTF?????

    I had Norton block the site about an hour ago.I looked up Organissimo on the Norton safe search and they gave the site a clean bill of health. So I continued and didn't get the blocking message.
  2. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    That's the theory - as applied to most people.
  3. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album) however has MP3 downloads (£8.99 and £11.99) which you can order now ("Expected 29 June 2018").
  4. A generic response to Jazz is to hear the improvisation as noodling - the corollary of which is to wish they'd get back to the melody (or "the point"). Anyway I remember hearing it like that - so that a solo which sounded straightforwardly melodic, I remember one by Joony Booth on a McCoy Tyner live album, was extra special. But that's not a question of editing, that's a question of a fusing of a Jazz sensibility and the expectations of the rock listener. The Joony Booth solo was off a double album (Enlightment) - and it just gave me a way into the whole thing.
  5. I was on a scholarly discussion group for a while and one of the big names came on and said (paraphrasing) this is internet discussion and people are going to make mistakes - holding them to a "finished works" standard is over the top.
  6. It's a verbal tick - and, so what?
  7. Wish Me Luck!

    The Requiem got me.
  8. Well, you know. She has her views. Don't make it right. The above is from the interview Iverson does with her on his website. In it, she also says: "I didn’t like Bud Powell. He played too many notes. I saw him play once in New York, maybe Basin Street or maybe Birdland. But when I went to Europe later I got to see him a couple of times at clubs like in Paris and stuff, and I thought he was sort of mean. A mean person."
  9. Jazz In Paris

    A search on brought up a fair number of these: Jazz in Paris ( Most seem not so expensive. But you could have a (used) 75CD box set for £2,152.40.
  10. Cecil Taylor RIP

    To me, it has the ring of a journalist being confronted with a piece of information - which may be true or not - that he knows will "grab" readers and who is unable to resist the temptation to put it out there. Which doesn't contradict your take....
  11. I know EOTH and GTF (both on LP). I don't get GTF. EOTH - I do think it has stuff in it, but I feel I'm being strong-armed into treating it as "major statement" - The whole thing about triple LP, box set.