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  1. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    There's an awful lot of thinking going on on this record. I listened to the first CD a week ago and have only now listened to the second. When people say there's a lot to digest, it's the amount of thought, for me. My instinct is it's a valuable record. There's a kind of watery theme, so far as I can see, which plays out in some tone-poem-y kind of playing.
  2. Aretha Franklin, RIP

    She was wonderful...
  3. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    Musicians... They can know stuff. Other times they can be like the rest of us - lost.
  4. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    I'd go for Karyobin. You hear that whole Brit free improv style close to its inception.
  5. Tom Wilson and the Transition Records Story

    Tom Wilson was the producer on the first Soft Machine record. Kevin Ayers said he just sat around phoning his girl-friends while the band played a standard set. In which case, he did a hell of a job and one would like to know what he'd be like when he was really concentrating.
  6. Essential Solos

    It's almost unbearably poignant (IMHO).
  7. Essential Solos

    Bud Powell, "It Could Happen To You" (alternate take).
  8. Kennedy Center jazz artists

    They could always do Silence [4:33] by John Cage, but I guess that's not what you meant.
  9. The trend I see is of a poll stuck in a groove - or maybe a time-warp. Let's vote again like we did last year...and the year before.....and the decade before.
  10. High blood pressure!

    Yeah, that’ll never work. I’m Irish. But as I said, I’ve had the anxiety completely under control with CBD. This situation was just a bad confluence of letting my BP meds lapse, and letting my imagination run away with me. Since my high BP is genetic, the anxiety was but a small aggravator. Truth be told, I lead one of the most stress free lives imaginable. I think that’s why I lost my grip on the situation. Like everything in life, practice makes perfect. And I “fortunately” have little practice dealing with that level of stress. Look Scott, I don't want you dying out of this. I've got to be straight with you - ever since you did that attack on me, my instinctive response has been "This guy is an accident waiting to happen".
  11. High blood pressure!

    You probably need to go and talk to someone professional (i.e. therapeutic). Just to give yourself emotional space so you can let some of the anxiety out. That would be my instinctive response.
  12. High blood pressure!

    There can be psychological factors at play. One can have some self-destructive bug within oneself.
  13. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Arrogance is a charge that has been made about the English (as is the one about self-delusion) - including by someone English whose views I highly respect.
  14. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    My problem with England is the lack of creativity in the side, which is a generic problem with English sides - and a generic problem with the English (IMHO). That's part of the reason I was so negative about this WC, because I think they've just decided that work-rate and etc. is good enough. It's true that they're young, but I don't see them going very far without the creativity they don't seem capable of. Southgate is the first manager I've believed in for a while - and I think it matters that he's English to motivate the side. None of the foreign managers seem to have got the side up, which he has. In those terms he's probably the best manager they've had since Robson. N.B. I barely watched any of their stuff - just some highlights - but I'm not sure, if you strip the patriotism away, that I missed much. I loathed the way it was such a big deal on the news. God, it pissed me off how important people made this out to be.