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  1. POLL: New Home for BNBBers...

    Great! Soon we'll all have a bigger penis!
  2. Tod, I posted the older Japanese reissue lists separately in this forum. I think I saw the name Dusko Goykovich somewhere, so: happy hunting!
  3. The following CDs are scheduled for release on April 23 2003. Svensson,Esbjorn From Gargarin's Ponit of View Sony SICP 348(New) 2520 Svensson,Esbjorn Good Morning Susie Soho Sony SICP 349(New) 2520 Heron,Gil Scott Free Will+8 BMG Fun House BVCJ 37316(Flying Dutchman)New 1890 Thomas,Leon Sprits Known & Unknown +11 BMG Fun House BVCJ 37317(Flying Dutchman)New 1890 Nelson,Oliver Skull Session BMG Fun House BVCJ 37318(Flying Dutchman)New 1890 Purdie,Bernard Soul Is BMG Fun House BVCJ 37319(Flying Dutchman)New 1890 Alxander,Harold Sunshine Man BMG Fun House BVCJ 37320(Flying Dutchman)New 1890 Reinhardt,Django The Very Best of Django Reinhardt Universal UCCU 1023(New) 2548 The following CDs are scheduled for release on May 7 2003. Akiyoshi,Toshiko Kogun BMG Fun House BVCJ 37321(RCA)24 bit,New 1890 Akiyoshi,Toshiko Long Yellow Road BMG Fun House BVCJ 37322(RCA)24 bit,New 1890 Akiyoshi,Toshiko Tales of A Courtesan BMG Fun House BVCJ 37323(RCA)24 bit,New 1890 Akiyoshi,Toshiko Insights BMG Fun House BVCJ 37324(RCA)24 bit,New 1890 Akiyoshi,Toshiko March of The Tadpoles BMG Fun House BVCJ 37325(RCA)24 bit,New 1890 Akiyoshi,Toshiko Salted Ginko Nuts BMG Fun House BVCJ 37326(RCA)24 bit,New 1890 Akiyoshi,Toshiko Farewell BMG Fun House BVCJ 37327(RCA)24 bit,New 1890 Akiyoshi,Toshiko From Toshiko with Love BMG Fun House BVCJ 37328(RCA)24 bit,New 1890 Akiyoshi,Toshiko European Memories BMG Fun House BVCJ 37329(RCA)24 bit,New 1890 The following CDs are scheduled for release on May 14 2003. RH Factor,The Hard Groove Universal UCCV 1037(Verve)New 2548 Scofield,John Up All Night Universal UCCV 1040(Verve)New 2548
  4. Hmm, "happy"? Don't know about that... Anyway, like I said it'll take some time, so don't stay up
  5. Hi Tod, It'll take some time, but the only thing I can do is to try and dig up some old e-mails I got from Hiroshi Tanno and post them on this board. You can then wade through them and see if there's anything you're interested in...
  6. POLL: New Home for BNBBers...

    I was wondering about that, too.
  7. If anyone's interested in older Japanese reissue lists, just let me know and I'll see what I can do / post.
  8. POLL: New Home for BNBBers...

    I'm going to visit both this board and the AAJ board for the time being, and see how it's going to turn out.
  9. Turn outhe stars

    I like the two Milestone 8CD-sets, Consecration and The Last Waltz, even better. These contain Bill Evans' last recordings: the complete sets he played with Marc Johnson and Joe LaBarbera at San Francisco's Keystone Korner, about two weeks before his death in September 1980, and the music's absolutely brilliant. I managed to get the Japanese 20-bit Digital K2 remastered sets, and they sound wonderful.
  10. Birth of the Cool

    Yep, the IASW album is included in the set in its entirety.