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  1. LF- Masada CDs

    Great news. Thanks. If you'd like to PM me with the particulars that would be wonderful. I'm very excited. I also happen to have a stockpile of empty jewel cases from my days in retail music, so if you send along a jewel case in need of replacement I can take care of it. Thanks again! James
  2. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died.

    Isn't that the truth...
  3. LF- Masada CDs

    Thanks for the update. James
  4. LF- Masada CDs

    Hi- Just checking in to see if a determination has been made. Thanks! Hi. Just checking in... Thanks!
  5. LF- Masada CDs

    I see you posting in the Fleetwood Mac thread. I ordered the box set as well. But I also have the original classics package which includes five of the albums on the set. Fleetwood Mac Original Album Series Once my new set arrives, I'd be willing to offer this to you. I doubled up to get the Bob Welch records, which by themselves are pricey. Just a thought. Thanks for keeping me in the loop too. I appreciate it.
  6. LF- Masada CDs

  7. LF- Masada CDs

    It turns out that I have less to trade than I thought...only because when confronted with the notion of parting with something my compulsion to collect and be a completist kicked in and suddenly I wasn't so sure that I could get rid of much, I too have passed a point of reasonably accommodating music and have in the past year or two taken to strategically stacking larger sets and jewel case sized box sets so as to make room for individual CD titles on my music walls. That said, listen and let me know. My interest in acquiring these early Zorn titles remains. Thank you.
  8. LF- Masada CDs

    I'm looking to amass the entire set so if you choose to part with 4-10 I'm well on my way along with having recently obtained Alef. Take your time and let me know what you decide. I'd be happy to make a contribution to the board's upkeep costs. I could also offer up some trade bait, but if you're looking to downsize that rather defeats the purpose... Thank you. James
  9. LF- Masada CDs

    I’ve dabbled with Zorn for a while. I recently got Alef and I’m now interested in getting the rest of the titles by the original group. So I’m wondering if anyone is interested in selling small lots or individual titles. I know they’re all on Discogs, but I thought that I’d float it here. Thanks in advance. Studio Recordings Masada: Alef (DIW, 1994) Masada: Beit (DIW, 1994) Masada: Gimel (DIW, 1994) Masada: Dalet (DIW, 1994) Masada: Hei (DIW, 1995) Masada: Vav (DIW, 1995) Masada: Zayin (DIW, 1996) Masada: Het (DIW, 1996) Masada: Tet (DIW, 1997) Masada: Yod (DIW, 1997) Sanhedrin 1994-1997 (Unreleased Studio Recordings) (Tzadik, 2005)
  10. Paul Desmond/Ed Bickert Mosaic - NOW AVAILABLE

    Perhaps this is a delayed result of Costanza's hard work on the Penske file...
  11. Black Saint/Soul Note Box Sets

  12. Paul Desmond/Ed Bickert Mosaic - NOW AVAILABLE

    I too ordered as soon as I saw the email on 4/30. My credit card was charged on 5/3. Mosaic claims that cards will not be charged until an item is ready to ship. I have yet to receive a shipping confirmation. I paid extra for UPS and I have a UPS account which alerts me of scheduled deliveries. So even if I missed the shipping notification email which came from an odd email address, UPS would be keeping me in the loop. So at this point I got nothing, although I remain hopeful, even quietly confident that Mosaic will come through.
  13. Paul Desmond/Ed Bickert Mosaic - NOW AVAILABLE

    I didn't use Paypal but I have this feeling that I was charged before my item was ready to ship. I trust Mosaic so no real worries, just anticipation.
  14. Paul Desmond/Ed Bickert Mosaic - NOW AVAILABLE

    "Thank you for ordering from Mosaic Records. Please note that Media Mail shipping does take extra time. Your Credit card will not be billed until your order is ready to ship." I ordered on April 30th and my card was charged on 5/3, but no shipping notice/confirmation as of yet. I don't mind being patient, but I did spring for the UPS delivery. Ten days or more is a lot of time to process and ship an order. Oh well.
  15. Paul Desmond/Ed Bickert Mosaic - NOW AVAILABLE

    Agreed. I had a shipment from one New York address to another wend its way through Tennessee, Mississippi, and Massachusetts before finally making here 11 days later. 97 miles separated shipping location from my house. I literally could have walked there and back sooner. I consider it two dollars well spent. Yes. I was pleasantly surprised today and ordered immediately as well.