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  1. I've got mono.

    Not in my living room. That's the surface texture of the hardwood from which they make the housing. The plastic of the cheaper cartridges has a smoother surface. But the hardwood resonates less.
  2. I've got mono.

    Lack of space?
  3. Played a whole bunch today, the first two are new buys these year. Ella's disc is a nice surprise, she's mot one of my favourites, but I really enjoy her album. The Irvin Mayfiled is tops!
  4. Sexiest album covers

    Sexiness is in the eye of the viewer.
  5. I've got mono.

    I have exactly that mono cartridge mounted on my second headshell of my Thorens turntable, and I'm very stisfied with the sound it creates. Much less noise compared to the same LP played back with a stereo cartridge. The difference in weight of both is the only inconvenience about changing the headshells. But I just got then idea of getting a precision scale and attaching some weight to the lighter headshell. That would make it a lot easier.
  6. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    Spinning these right now! They alone are worth the buy! Besides the Basie sides, my favourites are the Teddy Wilson big band tracks. The Glen Miller band swings much harder than in the studio.
  7. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    This was delivered this morning, Discs 1 through 4 so far. I do not regret the investment ....
  8. I love the first track on this album! Harvey Mason delivers such a great groove.
  9. Sexiest album covers

  10. Only in the Duke Pearson Mosaic Select, IIRC.
  11. Your post made me curious, but used copies are rather expensive! Stylish attire in redm green, and white!
  12. what are you drinking right now?

    This weekend's evening bottle: Vignerons Catalans Tautavel Signature 2018
  13. Me want! My wife and I chimed in the season with these two favourites:
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Yesterday, these two new acquisitions: The Whitfield is one of the best sounding live recordings I ever heard! Great playing, too.
  15. Andrew White (1942-2020)

    Asante stayed unreleased at first, too. Recorded in 1970, issued first in 1974.
  16. I was afraid so. I will look for the Rhino reissue. I want that bonus track!
  17. Sexiest album covers

  18. Your 10 (or 5, or 3) favorite ECM albums

    This Interview confirms some thoughts I had about Manfred Eicher as a producer/personality.