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  1. Sports: NBA 2006-2007

    The Jazz had that game. Boozer and Williams didn't play well in the 4th. Of course, Walker tore it up. Tough loss for us Jazz fans.
  2. Happy Birthday, Noj!

    Have a good B-day, Noj!!!
  3. Happy Birthday, Jeff!!! Hope that you're well.
  4. Sports: NBA 2006-2007

    I'm going to have to take the Jazz tonight by 3.
  5. Sports: NBA 2006-2007

    Actually, it was a nail-biter! Nash is too good. The Jazz though, are freaking unbelievable. They deserve whatever props and power rankings that they have been given to this point. I knew that I stayed a Jazz fan for all these years for a reason.
  6. I think I'd recognize Tom Harrell, Rasheid Ali, and Norah Jones. The first two because I've seen them a couple of times, and they're distinctive looking people. Norah Jones, well... .
  7. Night of the Cookers

    OMG. I wish that I could be there. Portland---->NYC = $ ?
  8. Making a jazz workout mix.

    I've always thought that "Filles de Kilimanjaro" was good to sweat to. It has some good coolin' down tracks, too.
  9. Happy Birthday Conn500

    Happy Birthday, Sir Conn.
  10. Happy Birthday, Paul Secor!

    Have a great Birthday, Paul!!!
  11. brownie's birthday

    Have a swingin' b-day, Brownie!!!! I know, I'm late too.
  12. Celebreties at your gig

    I played a party for Harrison Ford's personal assistant once, and he was there, along with Gerry Spence and a few other people whose names I can't remember. Ford was very cool. John Ritter came to a disco gig that I played in the early 90's. I once played after Paul Allen's band at a Blazer's gig. All the Blazers were there. I never really have enjoyed those commercial/corporate events, though...except the $, food and booze.
  13. Blue Note Sale

    P.M. sent on the Mobley
  14. Up, Moncur gone, Hall/Evans is no longer on hold.
  15. Happy Birthday, doubleM!

    Thanks a lot you guys! I'm working right now, but later I have a softball game (weather permitting) and plans of drinks with friends until the wee hours. Last night they fed me Petron (sp.) shots. Mmmmm good!