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  1. Oscar Dennard

    I have long been interested in learning more about this obscure pianist . This earlier post limns important biographical and discographical information which I would like to flesh out : I believe Dennard was born in 1928 . I know he spent time in Memphis , though I don't know whether he was born there . He also spent time in Des Moines before joining Lionel Hampton in the mid-50's . The unissued 1956 trio session is listed as being recorded for Henson . Does anyone have any information on this label ? Dennard also appears on a 1959 Jubilee album called " Blow Man Blow " by tenor player Jesse Powell . Would anyone who has heard this care to comment ? Here is a photo of Dennard playing with Sulieman , Nasser and Smith taken at a Zurich club circa 1959 : Here are some scans of the very rare Japanese CD " The Legendary Oscar Dennard " : Edit to repair broken image links
  2. Freddie Gambrell

    Kind of surprising that there has been no discussion on this board of this talented pianist . His first two World Pacific albums would be of interest to any piano jazz fan . The first is a trio date with Ben Tucker and Chico Hamilton , the second , a duet with Ben Tucker . Recording was done at Radio Recorders in Los Angeles in 1958 ( with superb sound engineering by Ralph Valentine ) . Critical plaudits were many . John S. Wilson wrote that Gambrell has , " a very rhythmic , percussive style with an appealingly dark ,blues-bred texture and good structural sense . He swings powerfully at moderately fast tempos and on ballads reveals his derivations most clearly for he has a fondness for stating a melody with a wry , Monkian twist , for occasional splashes of Garner's ripe orchestral explosions , and for excursions into Tatum-like displays of facility " . His third and final World Pacific date was a jazz interpretation of The Mikado , which I haven't heard , but which was panned by Downbeat . We can only hope that Blue Note gives us a CD reissue of those first two World Pacific sides . After revisiting this music recently , I went in search of information as to his present whereabouts . I discovered that he had continued in music , playing both piano and trumpet and recording under his birth name , Federico Cervantes . Sadly , at age 68 , he died in 2004 . His daughter has put together a nice tribute website for him , and is offering FREE CDs of his last recordings . Please see : The Freddie Gambrell Memorial Website
  3. lolz, which GG is that? Sorry chewy, can't recall this offhand. If I come across it I'll let you know. Most likely one of the quartets with Sonny Clarke. It's on God Bless The Child from the Sunday Mornin' album (the bottle is knocked over at 5:33). Not familiar with that one, but on George Russell's RCA, the alternate take of Ballad Of Hix Blewitt has a siren in the background.
  4. Leigh Travis

    On the back of Billy Wallace's Gig record (GLP 101) there is a notice for another Gig record (GLP 102) by an artist named Leigh Travis. The record is called, Time Out For Travis. Does anyone have any information about this presumably Chicago-based female musician ? Additionally, since the Bruyninckx and Lord discographies have no entry for her, does anyone know whether Time Out For Travis was ever actually issued ?
  5. The real session leader's name isn't on the spine

    Here's one that belongs in this thread. Nominally a Specs Powell album on Strand, the music is actually from a Kurt Edelhagen big band session done for German Polydor. Powell doesn't play on the date, so how his name came to be on the cover is something of a mystery.
  6. Using the regular search box only brings up threads with activity in the last year, necessitating the use of the advanced search page in order to search the full archive. Frustratingly, the search by date function on the advanced search page is not returning threads with activity within the date range specified, or even displaying results in chronological order.
  7. The Google approach is far too inefficient for the more common search terms. The full value of the forum archive can only be realized with a functioning internal search feature.
  8. BFT 87 Discussion

    Couple more I.D.'s... Track 5 = Richard Twardzik's Albuquerque Social Swim from this album : Track 10 is Wayne Shorter's Armageddon from this album :
  9. BFT 87 Discussion

    No, it's Up In Quincy's Room from this album :
  10. This cover, designed by Fran Scott (wife of Tony Scott), has always struck me as a little odd; makes Taylor seem like he has a peg leg !
  11. Musicians who recorded several albums

    Lennie McBrowne: - Pacific Jazz - Riverside
  12. While better known as an album cover model, Sandy Warner (and a chair) also graced the cover of her own vocal debut... More info about Ms. Warner HERE
  13. Musicians who recorded several albums

    Charles Bell: - Columbia - Atlantic - Gateway
  14. Musicians who recorded several albums

    Billy Wallace: - Gig - MDM - Interplay
  15. Musician Mix-ups

    Art Mardigan and Joe Mondragon
  16. Album Covers with Wine, Cheese, and/or French Bread

    Edit to add: This cover could also have been posted in this thread.
  17. Portland Jazz Fest..

    Hear Randy Weston in conversation with Marty Hughley, recorded February 18, 2011 as part of the Portland Jazz Festival - LISTEN HERE
  18. Alonzo Levister

    The good folks at Fresh Sound really missed an opportunity with their Complete Debut Recordings of John LaPorta reissue. Instead of giving us a 2-CD set padded with alternate takes and already-available Fantasy material, they could have issued a single CD (~ 79 mins.) featuring the two LaPorta-led Debut dates, plus Levister's Manhattan Monodrama Debut session on which he appears as a sideman. Levister's latest, Jazzanova, is so utterly inconsequential compared to the brilliance and originality of Manhattan Monodrama, that it scarely seems possible that they are products of the same musical mind, even allowing for the half-century between them. My copy of Manhattan Monodrama isn't for sale at any price, but the most recent copy to appear on Ebay was bid up to $500 without meeting the reserve !
  19. The Jazz Version of....

    Hardcore sporran ! I suppose one's "Gentlemen Friends" aren't really protected unless safely shielded by a knee-length sporran. Track 4 on the album is, "Easy To Be Hard" ; I'd say the cover gives the lie to that !
  20. The Jazz Version of....

    McFarland's wasn't the only jazz version... Peter King (tenor); Les Condon (trumpet); Gordon Beck (piano); Kenny Napper (bass); Tony Kinsey (drums) Earlier, Kinsey recorded a few songs from My Fair Lady that came out on a Decca 7-inch... Bob Efford (tenor); Les Condon (trumpet); Bill Le Sage (piano,vibes); Pete Blannin or Lennie Bush (bass); Tony Kinsey (drums)