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  1. Jackie McLean Prestige vs Jackie McClean Blue Note POLL

    sharp and flat in the same solo often enough. His intensity sometimes really grabbed me.
  2. Name Three People...

    M.Night Shmalayan Gary Smulyan David Schnitter
  3. Which artists have you seen live the most?

    Yes indeed. In so many different groupings, too. Wouldn't it be great to hear him again with Mobley, Ammons, Dexter, Stitt, Art Pepper, Konitz-Marsh, Jimmy Raney, etc.? Too bad we're too young to have heard that quartet of Monk-Griffin-Ware-Campbell. Let's see, there are records of Wilbur Campbell with Ira, Von Freeman, E. Parker McDougal, Muhal - who else?
  4. Now reading...

  5. Now reading...

    just bought a replacement copy of William Carlos Williams' collected poems and discovered this on the back cover of Volume 2: "And when the second and final volume of Williams' 'Collected Poems' is published, it should become even more apparent that he is this century's major American poet." - Larry Kart, Chicago Tribune Yes. Still true 14 years into the 21st century, too.
  6. Name Three People...

    Loretta Young Rosetta Etta James
  7. RIP, Panbanisha

    I'm sorry for Karen's loss. But what fascinating work she does.
  8. Name Three People...

    JohnGlenn Moon Zappa Zippy the Pinhead
  9. Time to vote.

    I'd vote for 8 of them.
  10. Sid Caesar: What Is Jazz?

    He and Imogene were the world's funniest. Thanks for the videos, Moms and Jim.
  11. all received?

    I played a song from it on the radio 2 nights ago.
  12. Name Three People...

    Old Hickory Paul Pine Mahogany
  13. Dietary Restrictions

    Any difference between hybrid corn (which I've probably been eating all my life) and GMO corn?
  14. Money For Nothing? Nothing For Money?

    The photographer should definitely be paid unless taking the photo was part of a Columbia employee's job. Seems like the songwriters should get royalties too since their names are next to the song titles on the liners.
  15. Now reading...

    finally read Dream of Fair to Middling Women - 25-year-old Beckett with lot of very Joyceish jesting and more jesting rather like Beckett got to later in Watt and the 2 great plays. It's a sort of autobiographical novel about the loutish Belacqua (Beckett's alias) and his lady loves, whom he describes savagely. Light, mostly fun, concluding with a hilarious dinner party scene. Great, masterful writing.
  16. Name Three People...

    Hill, Andrew Andrews, Ernie Ernest "Bass" Hill
  17. George Buck takes a stand

    Damn. 'Twould be a shame for Paramounts to be available only in gigantic expensive boxes. Surely Off The Record got Lars' group's permission to reissue the Paramount Olivers. And while that grand Ayler box led me to admire Revenant, I don't know what to make of this. Except that the Fantasy fiasco has led to a dread of movie stars buying jazz record companies.
  18. Name Three People...

    Chick Webb Mutt Carey Willie The Lion Smith
  19. Conductor Claudio Abbado has died aged 80

    Abbado used to be a favorite here in Chicago in the 1980s when he conducted the symphony a few weeks each year.
  20. Night Lights going on the air in Chicago

    That's good news, David. I eagerly await.
  21. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    In the 1970s Stanley Crouch praised every and all free-jazz musicians to the skies, no matter how awful or incompetent they were. After Crouch met Murray and Marsalis 30+ years ago, Crouch despised all free-jazz musicians.