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  1. this whole episode-- though one pick numerous others-- shows Sanborn's great range and empathy. Hard to criticize his solo career choices when he did so much for others also; getting paid for it, granted, but not just... Interesting to note / compare Hiram Bullock with Sanborn (tv, live, record) with Bullock's work with Carla Bley too. (this also instructive for those (mostly white) people who (still) patronize Stevie Ray Vaughan, watch him kill it himself not just with Night Music band but as sideman on closing "Sailin' Shoes" ** also with Wayne Shorter, Carlos Santana ** also with some trumpet player excelling with mute and mullet both
  2. Folk Blues (Pop) Cuscuna x Chris Smith x Randy Newman; Richard Davis electric bass ** x Dylan, Bonnie Raitt & Maria Muldauer somewhere back there Hunter / Garcia
  3. well, if jive ass pasticheur and blowhard Ethan Iverson has done little of merit, at least he "inspired" this thread... fight the power, Ethan! get that J-- i mean George, and it's near certain the ghosts of William Grant Still and Coleridge T. Perkinson-- maybe even Louis Gottschalk and Scott Joplin-- will sneak back in from eternity and acclaim you a true "Soul Brother." ** ** ** **
  4. Tai-Chi & lyricon! ** Nat Cole in "Indochina"
  5. DISCO MONK - Larry Coryell, Jerome Harris, Al Foster, Bill Summers, Mark Soskin go in too. We used to roller skate to this! Sonny solo starts 3:36, goes to about 6:15, then it's time again to boogie!
  6. MomsMobley


    Larry comes in blazing at 3:05 ** Eleventh House live, Alphonse Mouzon is "pretty good," Mike Mandel is blind synth player, Mike Lawrence trumpet, John Lee bass
  7. During his high school years he was Northeast Regional tennis champion for New England, and studied Mandarin Chinese through a State Department intensive language course, pursuits which he maintained throughout his life... In 1992, he married Marguerite Serkin, and moved to Southern Vermont. He constructed their family home while teaching music at Bennington College, performing and recording in a wide spectrum of musical genres. ** Marguerite SERKIN one of four daughters of RUDOLF SERKIN and IRENE BUSCH (daughter of the great violinist & conductor, Adolph Busch); Peter Serkin her brother... Not a huge fan of Rudolf on record though his dedication to his teacher, MAX REGER, is admirable and... the Mazel / Malik connection to the Serkin family is interesting and seemingly unnoted? Don't know his interest in classical but it'd be wild to learn he worked out on, say, Hindemith...
  8. this is a "pretty good" band with Eddie Gomez and Jack DeJohnette. on Antilles.
  9. bump because enjoying Joanne on Freddie Hubbard "Sweet Return" including her own tune, "Heidi B," and of course thoughts of Charles Brackeen come up. With Roy Haynes, Eddie Gomez, Lew Tabackin. Are people aware that Joanne and Charles had FOUR children together? Think about that when we understandably lament Charles' last 35+ years or longer, i.e. there was obviously MUCH more going on there than we as fans knew (or know). ** "Joanne Brackeen grew up in California and taught herself jazz piano from listening to records. She moved to New York to be closer to the heartbeat of the jazz scene — so close that, in the late '60s, her apartment was around the corner from the fabled East Village club Slug's. One night, with her four small children tucked in, Brackeen ran down to Slug's to hear Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. Blakey's pianist was elsewhere, so Brackeen slid onto the bench and started to play, and the next thing you know, Blakey hired her and took her to Japan. That story says something about both musicians. Not many women played in the top bands then; it was radical." https://www.npr.org/2008/11/13/96915298/joanne-brackeen-a-maelstrom-on-the-keys
  10. MomsMobley

    Don Ellis

    ** ** and then...
  11. It's great! Glad Pat has the resources and interest to pursue it. Essential for admirers of Busoni, Ives, Nancarrow... Joe Hill Louis... Hal Russell... Varese, Zappa...Anthony Braxton, George Lewis... others ** ** Imagine walking into a cathouse expecting Jelly Roll Morton and the Madame shows you THIS instead -- **
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