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  1. My dad passed away today...

    Jim-Greg left word about this on the Blindman forum. I'm so sorry. I lost my dad a few years back and I wish we were as close as you and your dad. Take care of yourself ok. Peace.
  2. Horace Silver at Newport 1958

    Louis Smith was also on the Kenny Burrell "Blue Lights" cd.
  3. Albums with Ron Carter on Electric Bass?

    Thats it! The RCA issue I have has pretty scant info Thanks Your welcome.
  4. one member is celebrating life today

    Good luck and take care of yourself.
  5. question for those alive in the 70s...

    I was open to just about anything. I don't think Kenny G was around at the time and if he was he hadn't rendered himself totally obnoxious.
  6. Albums with Ron Carter on Electric Bass?

    Gato Barbieri "Yesterdays" which is now part of a compliation called "Third World Revisited".
  7. Freddie King was one bad mother...

    Freddie King. Awesome.
  8. Whatever happened to James Carter?

    I believe he played the recently concluded Jazz Fest with his organ trio.
  9. Most Annoying Infomercial Charlatans

    That guy who looks somewhat like the actor Richard Thomas who played John Boy on "the Waltons". That guy has a pencil thin moustache and every time I see him the words "snake oil salesman" comes to mind and that dude that sells oxy clean and others thing-now there's someone who properly defines annoying.
  10. Sport: 2007 NBA Play-Offs Pool

    Say goodbye LA...goodbye LA. Ginobli is always the one who seems to kill the Suns. If Phoenix can find a way to contain Manu that will go a long way to improving their chances against the Spurs.
  11. The Gasoline Blues

    $3.15 for mid grade in Pagosa Springs. Fortunately the Honda is good on gas.
  12. Santana: Hymns for Peace

    Thanks for the tip.
  13. Happy Birthday .:. !!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  14. Happy Birthday Joe Gloss!

    Joe G my man. Happy B Day!!!!!!
  15. The Music Business *101*...

    An English musician by the name of Keef Hartley recorded a song many years back called "Don't Sign It" which pretty much sums up all of this. Perhaps some serious buisness courses would be in order before bands tried to become starbound. It did work for Garth Brooks.